Term 2 Week 3: Maths L10

LG: I can measure and COMPARE the PERIMETER of different books.

We can use formal units to measure the perimeter of objects. Just like yesterday’s lesson, we add ALL of the sides together to get the perimeter.

Perimeter Hunt

Today you are going to try to investigate the perimeter of objects in your house. What is the perimeter of:

  • Your dining table
  • Your bed
  • Your bedroom drawer
  • Your lunchbox lid
  • Your computer screen
  • Your bathroom mirror

Try to work out the perimeter of shapes that are not square. You can do this by measuring the object with a piece of string and then measuring the string with a ruler or tape measure.

Then go to Hotmaths and complete the task.

4 thoughts on “Term 2 Week 3: Maths L10

  1. Perimeter of Objects
    Dining table: 620cm
    Computer screen: 110cm
    Lunch box lid: 80cm
    Mirror: 400cm
    Bedroom drawer: 270cm
    Bed: 622cm

  2. Hi Candice,
    perimeter of objects
    .Dining table was 800cm
    .bedroom drawer was 178cm
    .bed was 578cm
    .lunchbox lid was 68cm
    .computer screen was 100cm
    .bathroom mirror was 480cm

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