Term 2 Week 3: Writing L10

Famous Heroes

LG: I can write true information about a person

In the reading lesson your read about  Florence Nightingale, a famous hero.

You learnt:

  • Some facts about her
  • Information about her personality
  • What she liked
  • What she did that helped or inspired people

Choose a hero to write about. It could be:

  • Someone you know
  • Someone in your family
  • Someone that you know a lot about
  • A famous person

When you write about them, try and include the following information:

  • When and where they were born
  • What sort of things did they like/enjoy
  • If they had any challenges to overcome
  • What they have done to help others
  • Any other interesting facts about that person

If you would like to write about a famous hero, here are some links to some information that might help you. Remember to read the information and then use to own words to tell us what you have learnt.





8 thoughts on “Term 2 Week 3: Writing L10

  1. writing,

    The famous person I wrote about was Don Bradman. Some facts are his batting average was 99.96, he was born on 27th of august 1908 and he played 52 test matches for Australia.


  2. to Candice,
    i’m sorry, but i can’t really do much of this because well, it’s a bit hard to do all those things when i don’t really know much about them or anyone in my family went to war so sorry!

  3. Rosa Parks was born in Montgomery in 1913 and she had to overcome living in a racist community. So she decided to start a group to stop racism and so they did things to help with that for over a year and now there is barely any racism apparently.

  4. Joan Jett
    Joan Jett was born in USA. She was born on 22nd of September 1958. Joan loved playing guitar and got her own one on her 13th birthday. Then she formed a band called The Runaways. Sandy on drums, Cherie on vocals, Jackie played bass and Lita was the bands main guitarist. Joan sung and played rhythm on guitar. Joan has inspired women to be rock stars. I think that it is more fair if women are punk rockers too. Men hated The Runaways because it was giving women courage. She had to overcome the rude complaints of men and had to be who she was.

  5. My Hero
    My hero is my grand mother.She is my mothers mother.Her birthday is on august 15th and she born in India.She likes to play games with us and likes to pray to god.When my mother was young my grand mother used to earn money,feed good food and works in a business which was what they had over come.When someone had an issue or problem she would give a solution and help them.More facts about my grand mother is that she is very friendly,cooks delicious food,plays lots of games and is very smart.
    That’s why my grand mother is a hero!

  6. Jane Goodall!
    Occupation: Anthropologist
    Born: April 3rd, 1934, in London, England
    Best Known for: Studying chimpanzees in the wild
    Age: 86 years old
    Her father was a businessman and her mother was an author. Growing up, Jane loved animals. She dreamt of someday going to Africa in order to see some of her favourite animals in the wild.
    What did she like to do? Jane Goodall is an expert on wild chimpanzee. She is recognised for her ground-breaking discoveries about their behaviour.
    Did Jane Goodall have a challenge to overcome? Jane Goodall did not have a degree and therefore wasn’t respected by everyone to do be able to do the research. She also faced challenges when she went outside of the United States being a female.

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