Term 2 Week 3: Maths L9

LG: I can measure the PERIMETER
Watch this video to learn about Perimeter.

What did you find out? Can you define what the perimeter is? Write a definition in your book and leave a comment on the blog explaining the term.

Look at these shapes and try to work out the perimeter for each one.  Copy each shape into your book, carefully drawing it using the same number of squares on your grid book page.

perimeter shapes

Then go to Hotmaths and complete the activity.

Term 2 Week 2: Reading L9


Anzac Day occurs on 25th April every year. On this day we remember and honour all Australians who have served in wars and conflicts around the world. We are going to find out more about ANZAC Day by reading the text below.


If you would like to hear the story read, you can download it here and click on the speaker to listen.


After reading, complete the 3, 2, 1 activity. Share one of the things you learned today on the blog!

3 things I learned today




2 questions I have



1 thing I found interesting



Read the story about Simpson and his Donkey. Write a paragraph about how Simpson and his donkey showed the ANZAC spirit.

Term 2 Week 3: Writing L9

LG: I can write a letter and include important details.


Today you are going to write a letter. Choose one of the options below.

1) Imagine you a solider or nurse at war in Gallipoli. Write a letter home to your loved ones, explaining how you are feeling and some of your experiences.


2) Imagine you are at home, with a family member who has gone to war. Write a letter to them sharing what has been happening at home.


3) Write a letter to a an Australian who served in the war to say thank you. This can be a soldier, pilots, nurses and doctors, or even the animals who served.

There is an example below of how to set out your letter

Term 2 Week 3: Integrated Studies L3

Lesson Goal: I understand that force has two aspects: strength (magnitude) and direction.

Today you are going to complete a science experiment. Depending on what materials you have at home try one, or more, of the following experiments listed below.

Before experimenting record in your book:

  • Hypothesis (Prediction): I think this will happen because…

After doing the experiment record:

  • Results: I observed… I recorded…

Bing, Bing, Bong

Bouncy, Bouncy Ball

Push Comes To Shove

Team Work vs Me Work.docx

Happy Friday!

It’s been another big week of learning. Not only have we been working at home on reading, writing and maths, we’ve also learned how to use Webex! Everyone deserves a nice relaxing weekend. Make sure you get outside, go on a bike ride, or just enjoy the sunshine!

Tomorrow is ANZAC Day. It is a national day where we remember and honour all Australians who have served in wars. You might like to watch the the video to learn more about ANZAC Day.

On special things people like to do on ANZAC Day is make ANZAC biscuits. On the weekend, you and your family might like to make some ANZAC biscuits. I’ve attached a recipe below.

ANZAC Biscuits

See everyone at 9:30!

Term 2 Week 2: Reading L8

LG: I can respond to books I read

As time passes, lots of things change! New inventions are created, new ideas are thought of, and new ways of doing things are tried. But the future only changes and improves when people are willing to take a chance and try something different!

Listen to the story What Do You Do With a Chance?

Have you ever been afraid to try something new, but then had a try at it? How did you take a chance? Finish this sentence in your Reading book: I was afraid but I…

Then draw a picture.

Term 2 Week 2: Writing L8

Personal Writing!

We know that 3/4 students have lots of their own writing ideas, so we want to make sure you have some personal writing time each week to develop your own writing pieces. Some things to remember for personal writing…

  • Think of a seed…grow it into an idea!
  • One seed can sprout lots of different ideas for topics and types of writing.
  • Think about different text types or genres – stories, poems, information reports, letters, instructions, persuasive texts, biographies.

Once you have chosen an idea to develop into a piece of writing…

  • Plan your writing – draw, list ideas, use a table, story mountain, word lists, etc
  • Draft your writing – write it in your book
  • Revise and edit your writing – check if there is anything you can do to improve your writing. 
  • Publish your writing – if you are happy with your writing, you can publish it to share with the class!

This week my seed is just a couple of words and an idea about … ‘future me’

I might write a fictional biography about myself in the future, or maybe a narrative about going on an adventure in a time machine to the future…what will you write today?

Term 2 Week 2: Maths L8

LG: I can take part in the Measurement Olympics.

Resources needed:

  • piece of string or chalk to mark a starting point on the ground,
  • Small ball, straw or a stick
  • Plastic straw
  • Cotton ball
  • Paper plate, or paper plane
  • Measuring tape

Draw a table in your exercise book like the example below and then read each of the activities and record your results.

Standing Jump

Shot Put

Straw Javelin

Coin Slide

Lego Tower

Cotton Ball Throw

Paper Plane Throw

Once you have complete post your challenge results on the blog.

Term 2 Week 2: Friday Fun

Happy Friday!

Just like at regular school we will be having Friday fun! Friday fun is a session for you to explore your interests, be creative, discover and try new things… generally just have a great time. This time is NOT to be using devices or looking at a screen! It is a time to find something exciting to do that will keep you thinking, entertained and get the blood flowing. Think outside the square!! You can choose an activity or follow the suggestion that we have included below.

Remember that your parents/carers have been doing a great job supporting you this week and this is a time for them to prioritise themselves. Give them a break!

Suggested activity:

Today’s Friday Fun mission, (should you choose to accept it), will consist of going on a scavenger hunt in the backyard. Below is a list of things you need to find.

  •  A bug that is red
  • 3 types of leaves
  • Something that smells good
  • 2 different sized sticks
  • Something yellow
  • Something round
  • A bird
  • Something prickly

Take a photo or draw what you find and email your photo to me. Good luck!