Photos from the Art Show

Thanks to everyone who helped out in the lead up to the Art Show! It was a huge team effort and couldn’t have been done without support from the parent helpers and staff. Also, a huge thankyou to the talented and hard working students. You should be very proud of yourselves.

For those of you who made it to the Art Show.. What was your favourite style of artwork? What type of art works would you like to see more of in 2020?

Photos thanks to Emma.





Alongside the End of Year Celebration

Thursday 12th December

6 – 7.30 pm

In the Gym and Performing Arts room

Gold coin donation at the door.

Enter the raffle on the night to win amazing prizes.

Hope to see you there!

What’s happening in the Arts this term? Term 4

Gosh! It’s already been a busy but fantastic start to the term. Take a look at what’s happening this term in the Arts at Moonee Ponds P.S.

Foundation- Visual Arts

This term Foundation students will be introduced to clay for the very first time.  Students will learn the skills to make a clay butterfly sculpture. They will discuss colour, line and symmetry when adding colour to their sculpture.  They will also learn about line and using oil pastels to create a background for their butterfly. This artwork was inspired by the amazing Cassie Stephens (

Year 1/2 – Visual Arts

This term, students in year 1/2 are learning about observational and imaginative drawings! They are going to learn about how to draw one of the trees in the MPPS yard. They will learn the steps needed in observational drawing. Their final artwork will be a watercolour painting of their tree. Their second artwork this term will be a drawing of a tree using only their imagination. They will discuss and critique the difference between the two styles of drawing.

Year 3/4 – Performing Arts

In term 4, students learnt about musical elements by exploring and learning basic Ukulele skills. By the end of the term, students will be able to play the song Riptide on the Ukulele. They will listen to different songs each week and discuss each in relation to the elements of music.

Grade 5 & 6- Performing Arts

In term 4, students explored the elements of music and through listening and performing activities. They will be introduced to basic keyboard skills and music theory.

Foundation- Painting

This term in Visual Arts, Foundation students have been learning about Abstract Art. They have discussed the colourful artworks of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Students have experimented with poster paint using their hands and materials like bottle tops and glu stick lids. In this lesson, they explored water colour paints using brushes. The pictures below showcase the students creating their second Yayoi Kusama inspired artwork. Watch this space to see what the final artworks look like in a few weeks time!



To use voice in our drama (5/6) by Giorgio and Damien

First we played the ABC game. After that we had to give advice to fictional character,’Shaun’ advice of what he should do with the Lost Thing. So our class completed the Line of Allegiance. The whole class had to give advice to Shaun on what he should do to the lost thing. Basically The line of Allegiance is a game where you get into two lines, and you whisper advice to ‘Shaun’ played by Hamish K. In the end, majority of the class said that Shaun should take it back to the beach, where he found it. We also wrote letters, because writing is apart of drama. So we wrote individually the advice we would give them.

Performing Arts class written by Liv and Charlotte R

On the 6th of August, year 5/6 learnt how to make sculptures inspired by Shaun Tan’s lost thing. Our job was to make a different type of the lost thing or what it meant to us, with a partner. All of the sculptures were creative and when we added movement everyone was co-operative and making imaginative ways to express emotion. Everyone did really well, tried hard and had fun.

Written by Liv and Charlotte R

Foundation- Visual Arts

Welcome back! There is lots of exciting things happening in the arts this term. Students in Foundation and Year 1/2 have finished their formal performing arts learning for the year and made their way to the visual arts room- how exciting! While Years 3-6 are learning about performing arts, specifically drama. Stay tuned for a blog post about what’s going on in each year level, including the Years 3-6 art club.

Here are a few photos from the Foundation students first lesson of visual arts. During this lesson, they became familiar with the art room rules and were introduced to their visual arts diaries- a place for materials development, recording ideas and planning artworks! They designed their own front cover page using coloured pencils.

New Display: Grade 1&2 Art Club

Check out the new display in the Grade 1/2 reading area and outside Holly’s room near the library. 

Inspired by the artist and fashion designer Rachel Burke, students in Grade 1/2 created these colourful mini artworks. The focus was on using different lines, shapes and colours and to work quickly to fill up their page. They loved being free to explore and experiment with markers and paper.


Mirka Mora inspired artworks work in progress

Check out some of the photos of the grade 3/4 students working on their soft sculptures.

These past two weeks they have been finishing their plan for the soft sculpture creature, drawing their design onto calico and beginning the painting process. They are looking fantastic and the students appear to be really enjoying this project. I love teaching this unit!