May-Home Learning- Year 3&4

Year 3.4- Visual Arts

This term we have been learning about print making!

We are currently in the process of making a 3 layer (reduction) print of our chosen animal. We will return to this when we get back to school. We have been using foam to create these prints.

There are many ways we can engage in print making even from home.

Learning goal: I can create a Leaf Rubbing using crayons.

Taking a ‘rubbing’ of something is a quick and easy way to make a print of it. All that needs to be done is to put an object underneath a piece of paper and take some oil pastels, crayons or greylead pencil and gently rub over it. It is quick, effective and fun!

Look at these images of the artworks of different types of rubbings. What do you notice about these images? What objects can you see?




  • 4-6 leaves from the garden or local park, in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Crayons or oil pastels (you can use colour pencils or even a grey lead pencil if you don’t have access to crayons/oil pastels).

Your task: Using a range of different shaped leaves create a rubbing artwork. Place the leaves underneath the piece of paper and carefully rub over them using an oil pastel or crayon. You should be able to see the texture, shape and pattern of the leaves.

If you can’t use leaves, then feel free to use objects from around your house. You can rub over anything that has an interesting shape or pattern!


Extension: Turn your prints into an artwork!

Using the prints that you have created, cut out different shapes and paste them onto a new piece of paper to create a collage of your choice.  Take  a look  at  this  example  of  a butterfly  and  a flower.


Send me an email with photos of your artwork and we can share these on the Art Blog:

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    • Hi Eve,
      That’s no problem. Can you get a parent to take a photo on their phone and email me through the picture?
      Or if you can’t do that. You could email me with a description of what you did and what you enjoyed. L
      Let me know how you go.

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