Welcome to the 2021 Moonee Ponds Primary School Virtual Art Show

Artwork created by the Year 1/2’s during term 1 art club.

Poster created by Reuben Williams 3/4 E.

Hi there! It’s good to see you. Oh, what a year we have had! We have had a mix of face-to-face arts classes as well as weekly Webex lessons and online tasks set on the Arts Blog. 

This blog celebrates the arts learning that has occurred during 2021, mostly during our onsite classes. The art that students have produced has blown me away. Our students are talented, creative, resilient and driven. I hope you enjoy this wonderful Virtual Art show.

Please note that I have done my very best to make sure every student has one artwork in this show. 

Students would love to read your positive feedback about the work in the comments section below each page.

We would love to hear what you think about the art!

Keep making and creating!



P.S Check out the posters made by Year 3/4 E to celebrate and promote our online show!

You can use the arrows to slide through each artwork below.

1 Comment

  1. Ethan’s comment on 3/4 clay pots.
    It’s great to see that people are using different ways to make clay pots.

    Hamish’s comment on 3/4 clay pots.
    I liked how people used ideas they were really passionate about.

    Sasha’s comment to 3/4 clay pots.
    I thought that everybody did amazing! clay pots and put an outstanding effort in making them good job everyone.

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