Morse Code

LG: I can use morse code to write a message.

Morse code is a type of electronic communication. It uses dashes and dots to represent letters. It was created in the 1830’s  by Samuel F.B Morse.

A machine called a telegraph converts the symbols into electrical signals and sends them across a wire to their destination. The signals are then converted back into the message by the telegraph that receives them.

Check out the morse code below.



Solve the message below.


  • Create a secret message and post it below! You might even want to send some messages to your friends in morse code!

Friday 28th May

Hi everyone,

Well today your task is this…have a fun Friday! There is no school work for students today. We encourage you to spend this day doing something fun or relaxing. Think of ways that you can show care to your family today.

We will have learning taks for you on One Note on Monday. Your grown ups will be sent all the information about Webex times, and learning activities on Friday afternoon.

We miss you and can’t wait to see you all on Webex next week!

Candice, Libby and Holly