Friday 28th May

Hi everyone,

Well today your task is this…have a fun Friday! There is no school work for students today. We encourage you to spend this day doing something fun or relaxing. Think of ways that you can show care to your family today.

We will have learning taks for you on One Note on Monday. Your grown ups will be sent all the information about Webex times, and learning activities on Friday afternoon.

We miss you and can’t wait to see you all on Webex next week!

Candice, Libby and Holly



Hi everyone,

It’s our last day of remote learning. Hooray! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in the classroom on Monday. You have all worked so hard during remote learning and everyone should be so proud, but I’m excited to get back into the classroom together!

There’s a few things to remind you about.

Specialist Times
Monday – PE and Italian
Friday – Performing Arts

Book Club
Remember to return your book club books to the classroom (not the library) on Monday. Thank you to those who have already returned their books!

Remember to bring your pencil case, workbooks and any other resources from school back to the classroom on Monday.

Remember to come straight up to the classroom on Monday and wash your hands when you enter the classroom. Have a great weekend 🙂

Also, Ben emailed me and wanted to share his LEGO set of Apollo 11. How cool!

W1: Friday Reading

LG: I can make connections to stories that I read.

We know that making a connection to book will help us to feel more engaged with the story, but do you know what connections you are better at making?

Well today you are going to find out. We are going to be making connection chains! All you need for this activity is some paper, some coloured pencils, a ruler, a grey lead pencil, some scissors and a glue stick.

First… using your ruler, rule lines running across ways on your page- like this

Next… Cut along each line so that you have strips of paper. Each strip should be wide enough for you to write on.

Then… Read along with ‘All the Places to Love’ and whenever you make a connection, pause the video and write it on a strip of paper.

Finally… colour all of your connections using the labelling system below and then glue them together so they connect and make a connection chain.

Text To Text Red
Text To Self Blue
Text To World Green

What type of connections did you make the most?

What connections did you make the least?

Share your results on the class blog!

T4: Friday Writing

LG: I can write an interesting ending to a narrative.

A great story needs to follow a structure. The story mountain is easy to remember as it shows each part of the story and where it belongs. Although some stories have more than one problem, they can still follow a similar structure.

For today’s lesson you will be filling in a story mountain with the story details that you already know, and then adding your own ending to the story.

First… Draw a story mountain into your book, make sure to add the subheadings for each part of the story.

Next… Watch the video below and try to add in the parts of the story that are already written. Don’t be afraid to stop the video as you get to each new part so that you can keep track.

Then… Complete the story by adding your own creative ending to the plan.

Finally… Go ahead and write an ending to Zathura or Bad Apple!