Homework Summary

Hi everyone!

What a busy few weeks we’ve had! I know everyone has been working hard to complete their homework. I’m so glad that everyone has asked questions when you haven’t been sure about the homework tasks.

I know sometimes summarising what we have read can be difficult. Using these 5 questions can help you with your summaries..

Somebody-Who is the character?

Wanted-What did the character want?

But-What was the problem?

So-What did the character do to solve the problem

Then-What was the resolution?

Try using these questions when completing your reading log at home.


Hunting for seeds

As we continue to collect seeds at home it is important to remember that the more we unpack our ideas the more they come to life…

With this in mind, try to collect seeds that spark an interest or that you have a strong connection with.

Try to always be on the hunt for new seeds for your writer’s notebook.


Once you have the seed you can then think about the type of text you would like to create. This might include a recount (where you recount an actual event), a narrative (where you create a story with a problem), an information text (this might include facts or instructions), a persuasive text or even a poem! In fact there are endless options for your writing when it comes to the genre you select!!

Good luck and happy hunting!


Integrated Studies Homework

Hi Everyone!

This week everyone has Integrated Studies homework. The questions are below. If you are unsure of anything just let me know.

Good luck!


Integrated Studies Homework

Answer in your homework book in full sentences. You do not have to write the question.

Who was the first member of your family to come to Australia? Where did they come from?

Where were your parents born?

Where were your grandparents born?

Where were your great grandparents born?



Hello everyone!

So today we gave out the hotMaths usernames and passwords. That means that it is now time to start exploring the site.

If you go to HOTMATHS (click this link) and type in your username and password (you have those in your diary) you are good to get started!!

After you take a look around have a go at task that has been set for you…

Good Luck and welcome to hotMaths!!


Welcome to 3/4C Blog

Hello and welcome to 3 / 4 C blog,

I hope everyone had a wonderful break and are ready for a busy and exciting year. We will use this blog a lot throughout the year to share all the interesting things we are doing in our classroom. You will also find some handy information that you may need to access at home, like homework reminders and news on what is happening in our classroom.

Looking forward to an exciting year in 3/4C


Vocabulary Homework

Vocabulary homework.

Starting week three you are all expected to investigate new words for homework. Over the last few days we have learnt how this activity is to be completed. The word collection is to occur during personal reading sessions where you should  record unfamiliar and interesting words. Then all you need to do is follow the Vocabulary sample in your homework book. Remember, the slip on the front cover of the homework book is not an example of how homework should be laid out it is to unpack any unfamiliar words. If you’re not too sure about the meaning of these words we will also be learning about them in class over the next term.

Each week you are expected to complete the following:

1. Write new word from your writing or reading
2. Write a definition for the word.
3. Synonym
4. Antonym
5. Connection or sentence

Happy word hunting!!