Hunting for seeds

As we continue to collect seeds at home it is important to remember that the more we unpack our ideas the more they come to life…

With this in mind, try to collect seeds that spark an interest or that you have a strong connection with.

Try to always be on the hunt for new seeds for your writer’s notebook.


Once you have the seed you can then think about the type of text you would like to create. This might include a recount (where you recount an actual event), a narrative (where you create a story with a problem), an information text (this might include facts or instructions), a persuasive text or even a poem! In fact there are endless options for your writing when it comes to the genre you select!!

Good luck and happy hunting!


One thought on “Hunting for seeds

  1. This was from so long ago! I wasn’t here back then but to be completely honest with you it all seems pretty cool

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