Writing lesson

Look at the text below and discuss the difference between the 4 texts as a class.

All About Butterflies

Here are some types to help you organise your information into paragraphs

  • What order will I put the information in?
  • Which ideas follow on logically?
  • Which ideas can be put into a sentence together?
  • How do we join ideas using conjunctions?
  • Can I think about adding or changing in some words to make the information more interesting to read?
  • How can I open my paragraphs/sentences so that they are varied and not too repetitive?

Reading-Information Texts

Look at the map below.
Make a prediction what this text is about?
What kind of text might it have been included in?


Now what about if the title is: “Rain Rain Don’t Go Away”

What do you predict the text is about now?

The visual features help us to understand to predict and tune us into the ideas and information in the text.

Read the text below as a class and discuss predictions.

Energy moves info text