Integrated Studies Project

Hello grade 3/4!

As a first homework task for 2020 we are asking each of you to investigate the heritage and history of your family. In particular, we are wanting you to find out about your family’s journey/connection to Australia. We have put together a project outline that details all of the areas that you will need to investigate. Have a read and think about who you can talk to at home to get the information that you need. For this project, all information should be collected at home and we will be putting the projects together at school. We have lots of different stories to share and hope that you have fun learning all about yours! 
All your collected research should be completed and brought to school by Friday the 13th of March.
Below are the downloadable outlines for the project.
If you have any questions or require further clarification speak to your classroom teacher.

Happy investigating!
Dave, Nicole, Lee, Stef and Candice

3.4 Research Project Migration