Term 2 Week 3: Writing


LG: I can write a short story using the prompts.

As you might have noticed our theme for the week was ‘Heroes’. Today’s writing session is dedicated to Superheroes.

Write down 5 powers that a superhero could have






Imagine that you were a superhero, write a short  story on how you got your superpowers.

Things to think about before you get started;

  • Where were you when this happened?
  • What time of the day/year was it?
  • What was the weather like?
  • Who were you with?
  • How did this happen (give lots of specific details)
  • How did you feel when this happened?
  • What are the side effects to gaining this power?

Share your short story on our blog or email it to me.

You might like to also draw a picture of your superhero.

Term 2 Week 3: Reading


LG: I connect with the books I  read.

Write down three things you are wondering about before you read the book.

Click on the link to listen to the book being read to you.



Write down any connections you had whilst reading the text.

Text to text/ Text to self/ Text to world

Make sure you justify these referring back to the evidence. Post one of your connections on the blog.

Term 2 Week 3: Maths

Learning Goal: I can use my knowledge of perimeter and area to draw a birds eye view.

You are in charge of creating your very own Super Hero Hideout. You might like to use the picture to help you,

Using your maths book, draw a creative superhero hideout.

Think about the different objects that you would like to have in your hideout and draw a birds eye view of the plan. Don’t forget to show the perimeter and area of each planned object and make sure that the objects are a similar size to what they would be in comparison to other objects.

Be creative and think about the different shaped objects that you could have.

Send a copy of your plan and a picture of your model to me via email!


Can you create your superhero hide out using LEGO? 

Friday Fun!

Calling all superheroes!

Happy Friday!

Just like at regular school we will be having Friday fun! Friday fun is a session for you to explore your interests, be creative, discover and try new things… generally just have a great time. This time is NOT to be using devices or looking at a screen! It is a time to find something exciting to do that will keep you thinking, entertained and get the blood flowing. Think outside the square!! You can choose an activity or follow one of the suggestions that we have included below.

Remember that your parents/carers have been doing a great job supporting you this week and this is a time for them to prioritise themselves. Give them a break!

Suggested activity:

Today’s Friday Fun mission, (should you choose to accept it), involves putting your superhero powers to performing and getting active!

Using the song below, you can create your own superhero theme song dance routine.


Use this song to create a fitness routine that your superhero would follow to keep in hero shape.

We would love you to ask someone at home to help you video this and email it to us (bonus points for costumes or and getting other family members involved).


Hi everyone,

It’s getting to the end of the week and I’m starting to feel tired. I’m also finding my body if stiff and sore because I’m not moving around as much as I’m used to. Today I’m including a video for some yoga to help stretch our bodies. If you’re like me and you feel tired, or your body feels sore, having a really good stretch can help our minds feel better. If you feel like starting off your day with some yoga click here!

Remember Emma will be available today at 12:30 in her Webex room if you have any questions for her.

See you all at 9:30!

Term 2 Week 3: Reading

My Heroes
Not all heroes are famous or well know. Some are closer than you think.

Learning Goal: I can sort words by looking about their endings.

Read the text below:

Family Heroes

Read and listen:

Look at the list of words and read them aloud.

muffins believed baking mistakes
tucked games muffins expecting
dancing spending passed kissed

Can you sort these words into groups? Hint: Look at the endings of the words.

Now try to write a paragraph that incorporates at least 5 words from the lists


Did you notice any interesting words in your reading? Good readers tune in to interesting words. They remember new words, which helps them to expand their vocabulary.

Select up to five new or interesting words from today’s reading and explain why you think the writer chose them, and why you found them interesting.

Term 2 Week 3: Writing

Think about people who are heroes to you – family members, friends, and someone you know who inspires you every day. Don’t choose a your  favourite singer, sports star or TV star. That is someone famous, not a hero and it is not someone close to you.

Things to think about:

  • This person is a hero to me because ..
  • Some words I would use to describe them are …
  • Some of the things they do that I admire are …
  • Knowing them makes me want to …

If you are unsure go back to the example in today’s reading lesson.

Write an explanation to your classroom teacher explaining why the person you have chosen is a hero to you. Write a short piece with several paragraphs (a paragraph is a group of sentences focusing on a one topic):

Ist Paragraph – Introduce your hero and what they do.

2nd Paragraph – Explain why you admire them and the things they do.

3rd Paragraph – Share how this affects you and how it inspires you. What might you change in your life/behaviour?

Take a picture and send me your work!

Want some more writing?

Complete the next two pages in your handwriting book, or continue with your touch typing practise. https://www.typingclub.com/sportal/program-3.game

Term 2 Week 3: Maths

Learning Goal: I can solve problems involving perimeter and area.

Solve the problem below by drawing it in your grid book.
Matt Bott is putting new carpet down in baby Tilly’s room. The room is a rectangle that measures 4 metres across by 5 metres. Work out the perimeter and area of the room by drawing a rectangle in your maths book (hint: use 1 square in your maths book to show 1 metre)

How far is it around the perimeter?

What is the area of the room?

Then log in to Hotmaths and complete your task.


A shape has the area of 18 square centimetres. What might this shape look like? Can it be made two different ways?  Try to make a triangle take up exactly 18 square centimetres.


Morning everyone!

It was so nice to read your biography’s on some of your heroes. It seems lot of people also learnt about all the important work Florence Nightingale did. Today we are focusing on heroes in our local community.

It was also great to see you working on the perimeter of lots of different shapes, it’s a tricky concept so it’s great everyone has worked hard.

Today in our class call we will be hearing from Hannah, Vivien, Sophie, Evan and Abby. Make sure you are ready to share!

Below are some pictures I have received of your learning. Keep it up!