Term 2 Week 3: Reading L11

Learning Goal: I know about local heroes in my community.

Watch this video of Kid President interviewing Tom Hanks about what it takes to be a hero.

Having trouble watching the video? Try this weblink instead.

Write down the key traits of a hero according to the interview.

Can you add any traits to the list?

Once you have compiled a list of traits, think about the local community of Moonee Ponds…


  • What members of your local community would you call a Hero? Can you name and describe 5 different heroes
  • Why you think they should be called a hero?

Here’s an example of what your work might look like:

Police Officers are heroes of the Moonee Ponds Community. I think they are heroes because they risk their own safety to make sure that everyone is protected. They show fearlessness and courage by doing the jobs that other people might find frightening.

10 thoughts on “Term 2 Week 3: Reading L11

  1. I think fire fighters are heros because they risk there lives to help & save others. they do lots of scary mabey even life ending jobs. THATS WHY I THINK FIRE FIGHTERS ARE HEROS

  2. My 5 heroes are:
    1) Vet: because they save sick animals and are nice to the owners when they are upset.
    2) Doctors: because they help people and help pregnant people. They make people feel better.
    3) Teachers: because they help people learn new things and are kind.
    4) Volunteers at the animal shelters: because they look after lost dogs or puppies.
    5) Builder: because they help people whom do not have homes or anywhere to live.

  3. I think that fire fighters are heroes because they help and save other peoples lives. They also put out fires. They even sometimes risk their lives to save other people.To be a fire fighter you have to be brave and care about other people

  4. Hero’s
    Traits: bravery,courage,determent,sacrifice and inspiration.
    Hero’s: doctor,teacher,farmer,fire fighter and police.
    Doctors are hero’s of the Moonee Ponds Community. I think they are hero’s because they save peoples lives and protect the people in the hospital. They are very nice and determent to help us.

    Teachers are also hero’s because they teach the students to become successful in their life and to be a good human in the country. They are caring and cheerful to make the students happy.

  5. Heros of Moonee Ponds:
    The Firemen risk their lives to save lives.
    The police save people from crashes, sometime first on the scene so they have to get them out of crashed cars.
    The Vet help animals and keep them healthy.
    The army guys make the world a better place and safe.
    MY MUM she can plaster up holes, take a roller door off and change the rollers and level it up. Fix towel rails, unscrew a door handle and tighten it up. Remove a break plug from our Land Cruiser. She’s MY biggest HERO xx

  6. I think firefighters are heroes because they risk their own lives to help put out lots of fires. They also help make the world a better place. That’s why I think firefighters are heroes.

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