Term 2 Week 3: Maths

Learning Goal: I can solve problems involving perimeter and area.

Solve the problem below by drawing it in your grid book.
Matt Bott is putting new carpet down in baby Tilly’s room. The room is a rectangle that measures 4 metres across by 5 metres. Work out the perimeter and area of the room by drawing a rectangle in your maths book (hint: use 1 square in your maths book to show 1 metre)

How far is it around the perimeter?

What is the area of the room?

Then log in to Hotmaths and complete your task.


A shape has the area of 18 square centimetres. What might this shape look like? Can it be made two different ways?  Try to make a triangle take up exactly 18 square centimetres.

2 thoughts on “Term 2 Week 3: Maths

  1. Hi Candice,
    There are two ways to make an 18cm squared area shape. They are:
    2cms wide by 9cms long
    3cms wide by 6cms long

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