Term 2 Week 3: Reading

My Heroes
Not all heroes are famous or well know. Some are closer than you think.

Learning Goal: I can sort words by looking about their endings.

Read the text below:

Family Heroes

Read and listen:

Look at the list of words and read them aloud.

muffins believed baking mistakes
tucked games muffins expecting
dancing spending passed kissed

Can you sort these words into groups? Hint: Look at the endings of the words.

Now try to write a paragraph that incorporates at least 5 words from the lists


Did you notice any interesting words in your reading? Good readers tune in to interesting words. They remember new words, which helps them to expand their vocabulary.

Select up to five new or interesting words from today’s reading and explain why you think the writer chose them, and why you found them interesting.

7 thoughts on “Term 2 Week 3: Reading

  1. Hi Candice,
    For reading i did:
    My mum and dad kissed and tucked me into bed then in the morning we were dancing around baking muffins I Will see you at 12:00

  2. Reading
    1. Baking,expecting,spending and dancing
    2. Believed,tucked,kissed and passed
    3.muffins,mistakes and games
    It was lily’s birthday.Her mother kissed her the moment she woke up.In the kitchen the chefs are baking muffins.Soon all her friends arrived.They had so much fun spending time together.Finally lily played games with her friends and they went back home.
    It was the best birthday ever.

  3. I watched my mum as she tucked in my brother and kissed him goodnight. I guess Mum and dad were expecting me and my sister to be in bed but when me and my sister were on the stairs I couldn’t believe what I was saw. My sister probably couldn’t have believed it either. Mum and dad were dancing around the kitchen with muffins!

  4. S – muffins, muffins, games, mistakes
    ED – passed, kissed, tucked, believed
    ING – spending, dancing, expecting, baking
    I wanted to do some baking, so I decided to bake some muffins, whilst dancing. I made a few mistakes. But that was ok, as I was spending time with my Mum making muffins.

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