Term 2 Week 3: Writing

Think about people who are heroes to you – family members, friends, and someone you know who inspires you every day. Don’t choose a your  favourite singer, sports star or TV star. That is someone famous, not a hero and it is not someone close to you.

Things to think about:

  • This person is a hero to me because ..
  • Some words I would use to describe them are …
  • Some of the things they do that I admire are …
  • Knowing them makes me want to …

If you are unsure go back to the example in today’s reading lesson.

Write an explanation to your classroom teacher explaining why the person you have chosen is a hero to you. Write a short piece with several paragraphs (a paragraph is a group of sentences focusing on a one topic):

Ist Paragraph – Introduce your hero and what they do.

2nd Paragraph – Explain why you admire them and the things they do.

3rd Paragraph – Share how this affects you and how it inspires you. What might you change in your life/behaviour?

Take a picture and send me your work!

Want some more writing?

Complete the next two pages in your handwriting book, or continue with your touch typing practise. https://www.typingclub.com/sportal/program-3.game

3 thoughts on “Term 2 Week 3: Writing

  1. Excuse me, Candice, this may be considered an interruption but any of my relatives who are in my family I don’t know very well, so if you could be of any help I would be happy to hear it!

  2. My Hero
    My hero’s are my parents.My dad is a soft ware engineer and my was a teacher for engineering students.
    I admire my mum because she has so many ideas.is very clever and polite.I admire my dad because he teaches me new things clearly,is very friendly and has an answer for any thing.The things they do are take me to different places,they taught me not to hide anything from them,they enjoy spending time with me and they get me what ever i want.
    I want to be like them when i grow up .They are the best hero’s ever in the whole world.

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