Friday Fun!

Calling all superheroes!

Happy Friday!

Just like at regular school we will be having Friday fun! Friday fun is a session for you to explore your interests, be creative, discover and try new things… generally just have a great time. This time is NOT to be using devices or looking at a screen! It is a time to find something exciting to do that will keep you thinking, entertained and get the blood flowing. Think outside the square!! You can choose an activity or follow one of the suggestions that we have included below.

Remember that your parents/carers have been doing a great job supporting you this week and this is a time for them to prioritise themselves. Give them a break!

Suggested activity:

Today’s Friday Fun mission, (should you choose to accept it), involves putting your superhero powers to performing and getting active!

Using the song below, you can create your own superhero theme song dance routine.


Use this song to create a fitness routine that your superhero would follow to keep in hero shape.

We would love you to ask someone at home to help you video this and email it to us (bonus points for costumes or and getting other family members involved).

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