Term 2 Week 3: Reading


LG: I connect with the books I  read.

Write down three things you are wondering about before you read the book.

Click on the link to listen to the book being read to you.



Write down any connections you had whilst reading the text.

Text to text/ Text to self/ Text to world

Make sure you justify these referring back to the evidence. Post one of your connections on the blog.

9 thoughts on “Term 2 Week 3: Reading

  1. The connection I had was a text – to – text connection because I have read a story about mad superheroes.

  2. My questions are:
    What are their superpowers?
    What are their names?
    Is the big one the boss?

    Text to text: ‘The Day the Crayons Came Home’ is similar to the book we read because Duncan left the crayons behind in places. This made them feel sad but then they got over it when Duncan collected them all.
    Text to self: When my dog bit me by accident it hurt and made me feel angry
    Text to world: Everyone has some bad days

  3. Text to world
    Just like the superheros in the book, we all have bad days but we can do things to calm our self down like mindfulness.

  4. 1.How did they become a super hero?
    2.What made them be a super hero?
    3.Did they save any people?
    4.Do they have any costumes?

  5. My question
    1 Which superhero is having a bad day?
    2 How do they solve the problem?
    3 what is the problem?

    Text to self
    I meditate when I am angry or sad or depressed.
    I get frustrated
    text to world
    people meditate when feeling sad, angry or depressed too.

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