Term 2 Week 3: Writing


LG: I can write a short story using the prompts.

As you might have noticed our theme for the week was ‘Heroes’. Today’s writing session is dedicated to Superheroes.

Write down 5 powers that a superhero could have






Imagine that you were a superhero, write a short  story on how you got your superpowers.

Things to think about before you get started;

  • Where were you when this happened?
  • What time of the day/year was it?
  • What was the weather like?
  • Who were you with?
  • How did this happen (give lots of specific details)
  • How did you feel when this happened?
  • What are the side effects to gaining this power?

Share your short story on our blog or email it to me.

You might like to also draw a picture of your superhero.

3 thoughts on “Term 2 Week 3: Writing

  1. One day, a few years ago, I was walking Wilbur (my dog) without my mum and dad and a witch appeared. She waved something near my face. I did not know what she was doing and then she flew away. I kept walking with Wilbur.
    It was strange because I could hear lots of little noises. They sounded like people talking but I could not see anyone.
    Wilbur was sniffing around some ants. I bent down to see what was going on. As my head got closer to the ants I could hear what they were saying and what Wilbur was saying too.
    The witch had given me the superpower of being able to hear animals talking!

  2. It was 2018 when I was looking for my headphones and when I found them, they were glowing so I decided to put them on. When I picked up the iPad, it crumbled in my hands. When I kicked the soccer ball, it went straight through the wall! It was raining out side so I decided to turn on the tv but the remote got crushed. Then I knew what happened. I had superpowers!

  3. Super Power
    1. Invisible power
    2. Laser eyes
    3. Multiplying power
    4. Fast
    5.Teleport power
    On a Monday morning in April 2020 i went to the park. There was a lovely breeze and fresh air.Suddenly the breeze got too strong and pushed me into the bush. At first i was confused and then saw a box lying on the ground.I was curios what was inside so i picked it up and opened it to my surprise i saw a cherry.I threw it up but caught the box that said a medicine to cure virus but saw the cherry in it and thought to my self maybe this is a magic box.So i started to give some to the doctors and people started getting better.Every one started to call me a hero until one day the box was about to fall down but i dived down and caught it and got hurt.Then i threw it up and it landed in the bin.
    That’s the end of my super powers.

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