Term 2 Week 3: Reading L11

Learning Goal: I know about local heroes in my community.

Watch this video of Kid President interviewing Tom Hanks about what it takes to be a hero.

Having trouble watching the video? Try this weblink instead.

Write down the key traits of a hero according to the interview.

Can you add any traits to the list?

Once you have compiled a list of traits, think about the local community of Moonee Ponds…


  • What members of your local community would you call a Hero? Can you name and describe 5 different heroes
  • Why you think they should be called a hero?

Here’s an example of what your work might look like:

Police Officers are heroes of the Moonee Ponds Community. I think they are heroes because they risk their own safety to make sure that everyone is protected. They show fearlessness and courage by doing the jobs that other people might find frightening.

Term 2 Week 3: Writing L11

Local Heroes

Learning Goal: I know about local heroes in my community.

Following on from the reading lesson:

Once you have identified 5 different heroes in the local community, choose 1 group to write a thank you letter to. Hand write your letter and have your parent/ carer send a photo of your handwritten letter to me via email. Don’t forget to include the features of a letter!


Term 2 Week 3: Maths L11

LG: I can measure the area of a shape using a grid.

Watch this video to find out more about Area.

What did you find out? Can you define what the area is? Write a definition in your book and leave a comment on the blog explaining the term.

Now have a go at finding the area of these shapes.

area shapes

Can you use the rule from the video to find the area of household items? What is the area of your favourite book? What is the area of your bedroom? What is the area of your kitchen bench?

Then go to Hotmaths and complete the task.


Hi everyone,

Welcome to Tuesday! Today we are learning about Famous Heroes, and you are going to read about one very famous hero, Florence Nightingale. You’ll also get to keep learning about perimeter by going on a hunt around your house.

It was also nice to read your responses about ANZAC day yesterday. Ben even sent me a photo of a war memorial he visited in Villers-Bretonneux in France. Lots of of Australian soldiers fought there so it is important place in Australia’s history.

Today is a very busy days for me! I am in meetings all day so I might not have time to reply to everyone’s emails and blog posts. Please still send them through and I will read them when I can.

Remember we have our class call at 9:30, and we are going to hear from Maya, Liesel, Lucy, Ava and Ben about the best book they’ve read so far this year. Some people will also be meeting me for a conference at 12pm.

Oli made some ANZAC biscuits on the weekend, don’t they look delicious?! Lucy also said she made some cookies on the weekend. Let me know in the comments if you have made something delicious at home.

Happy Learning!

Term 2 Week 3: Reading L10

There have been many famous heroes in history. Often people write about their lives so that we can learn about them and how they have helped others. This is true information about the person.

Read about Florence Nightingale:

florence nightingale

Read and listen:

Florence Nightingale

Having trouble viewing the video? Try this weblink for the story.

After reading, complete the 3, 2, 1 activity.

3 things I learned today




2 questions I have



1 thing I found interesting


Finish the following sentence in your words and share it on the blog:

I think Florence Nightingale is a hero because …


Can you make any connections with the work that Florence Nightingale did with what is happening in the world today? Write or draw about what you think Florence Nightingale would be doing if she was alive today.

Term 2 Week 3: Writing L10

Famous Heroes

LG: I can write true information about a person

In the reading lesson your read about  Florence Nightingale, a famous hero.

You learnt:

  • Some facts about her
  • Information about her personality
  • What she liked
  • What she did that helped or inspired people

Choose a hero to write about. It could be:

  • Someone you know
  • Someone in your family
  • Someone that you know a lot about
  • A famous person

When you write about them, try and include the following information:

  • When and where they were born
  • What sort of things did they like/enjoy
  • If they had any challenges to overcome
  • What they have done to help others
  • Any other interesting facts about that person

If you would like to write about a famous hero, here are some links to some information that might help you. Remember to read the information and then use to own words to tell us what you have learnt.





Term 2 Week 3: Maths L10

LG: I can measure and COMPARE the PERIMETER of different books.

We can use formal units to measure the perimeter of objects. Just like yesterday’s lesson, we add ALL of the sides together to get the perimeter.

Perimeter Hunt

Today you are going to try to investigate the perimeter of objects in your house. What is the perimeter of:

  • Your dining table
  • Your bed
  • Your bedroom drawer
  • Your lunchbox lid
  • Your computer screen
  • Your bathroom mirror

Try to work out the perimeter of shapes that are not square. You can do this by measuring the object with a piece of string and then measuring the string with a ruler or tape measure.

Then go to Hotmaths and complete the task.


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. What did everyone get up to? I did lots of cooking, went for some walks with the dog and spent time outside in the sunshine. I also started reading a new book.

It has been so great reading some of your work. Eli sent me a great piece of writing from his reading activity on Friday. Ben, Clarrie and Zane shared their measurement with me, and Samara even sent me a picture of the tower she made for Measurement Olympics. She had to stand on a step because it was so tall! Harley also spoke to me about some of the work she has been doing. Keep it up everyone!

Remember we have our class call at 9:30. Today we will also start our small group conferences at 12. Check with your parents to make sure you know what day you’re meeting with me.

See you all soon!