LG: I know what myths and legends are

Most cultures around the world have their own stories that have been passed down over many, many years. These stories involve particular characters or creatures that are specific to that part of the world. Characters in myths are often gods or demi-gods, and the stories often contain magical creatures.

These are usually stories that were not originally written down, but rather retold through generations so there can be many different versions of these stories, however the main information stays the same and become a part of those people’s folklore.

You will often find the characters and settings from ancient cultural myths and legends have become the basis of modern day stories – these include fairy tales and comic book adaptations. I bet the name Thor sounds familiar? While he may be the star of hit Marvel movies, his origin is in Norse mythology (from Scandinavia).

Ireland is a place that has many traditional stories about mythical people and creatures and rich culture of storytelling. Today you are going to read about some mythical creatures from Irish folklore.

Read the text here:

irish legend – fairy folk

Or read and listen here:


Write a short description (in your own words) about each of the three types of fairies that this text tells us about:

Banshees –

Pooka –

Leprechauns –


Watch this video about Norse legends and write a short summary of what you found out.


LG: I can write a persuasive letter

In the text today we learnt that if you catch a leprechaun he will grant you three wishes.

If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?

Write a letter to a leprechaun explaining why you think he should grant you each of your wishes.

  • Start your letter by introducing yourself
  • Use a new paragraph to explain each wish and why you think it is a good wish.
  • Finish your letter with a simple conclusion.

Here is an example of how you might organise your letter:

Three wishes letter example


We learnt that Irish fairies, including leprechauns, aren’t always very nice. Write a letter from the leprechaun responding to your three wishes letter. What might he say about your wishes? How would he be feeling after being caught and made to grant the wishes? Could he find a way to trick you or cause trouble by turning your wishes against you?


LG: I collect data and represent it on a graph.

Today you are going to go on a hunt around your house, and count all the items below. Record your results in the table.

Item Tally Total
Clothes Pegs

After you have collected your data, draw a column graph to show the data you collected.Remember your graph needs to include:

  • A title
  • Labelled axis
  • Evenly spaced columns

Write some statements about the data your graph shows. There are some examples below.

  1. I have 24 more pillows than taps in my house.
  2. My graph shows that I had more forks than any other item.
  3. I have the same amount of chairs and windows.


Hi 3/4C,

Here are some of your amazing posters from yesterday. You all did an amazing job!

Looking forward to hearing some of your trivia questions today in our class meeting. Happy Friday!


Watch the video to hear the story of Uno’s Garden by Graeme Base and hear about today’s task.

While you are looking at the pages, see what you notice, you might even want to pause on each page to look carefully through the detailed pictures.

In your reading book, write about some of the changes that you noticed in the story. Think about the plants, animals, buildings and people. Try and write about at least 3 things that changed over the story.

What do you think the message of this story is? Finish this sentence…

I think the author wants us to learn that….


Watch the video of the book Window by Jeannie Baker (you will have seen an example from this book in an art lesson from Christine)

What is similar about this story to Uno’s Garden? Could you describe a theme that they both explore?

You might even like to research these author/illustrators (Graeme Base and Jeannie Baker) and see if you can find out anything that is similar about them or their books.


LG: I can use my senses to describe a setting

Today you are going to write two descriptive paragraphs, describing what the picture looks like from two different parts of the story Uno’s Garden.

First, describe the city that the people are living in after all the natural plants and creatures have gone.

Then describe this setting from the end of the story:

Remember to tune into all of your senses and imagine what it would be like in each of these places – what would you see, hear, smell, taste and how would you feel?


Which place would you rather live in and why? Use persuasive language to convince me which one is a better place to live.


LG: I can estimate how long things take

How long is 1 minute?

Most of you will be able to say that 1 minute is 60 seconds. But how long is 60 seconds?

Can you describe how long 1 minute is in a different way?

Can you think of an everyday thing you do that would take about 1 minute?

It is useful to be able to get a feel for roughly how long one minute is, so today you are going to use a timer to complete some 1 minute challenges! You might have a 1 minute egg timer at home, or use a timer on a watch, phone, ipad or computer. Here is an online timer you could use:

You are going to have a list of activities and you will need estimate how many times you can do each activity in 1 minute, then test it out with the timer and record the actual result.

Draw up the following table in your book and fill it in:




Write your full name

Star jumps

Put on a jumper and take it off

Sing happy birthday

Sit on the floor and stand up again

Say the alphabet

Think about the following activities. Put them in order from the one that you think takes the shortest amount of time to the longest amount of time. Write an estimate of how long each one would take next to it.

  • Walk to school from your house
  • Drive to school from your house
  • Drive to Sydney
  • Brush your teeth
  • Watch an episode of your favourite TV show
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Fly in an aeroplane to London


If you would like to extend yourself, estimate and test each activity for 5 minutes as well. Is there a way to predict accurately? Write down anything you noticed about the difference between repeating activities for 1 minute and for 5 minutes.


Happy Friday!

Just like at regular school we will be having Friday fun! Friday fun is a session for you to explore your interests, be creative, discover and try new things… generally just have a great time. This time is NOT to be using devices or looking at a screen! It is a time to find something exciting to do that will keep you thinking, entertained and get the blood flowing. Think outside the square!! You can choose an activity or follow one of the suggestions that we have included below.

Remember that your parents/carers have been doing a great job supporting you this week and this is a time for them to prioritise themselves. Give them a break!

Go on a Scavenger Hunt and find the following things:

  1. Find your favourite toy
  2. Find something red and small
  3. Find something that starts with the letter C
  4. Find something you eat that’s salty
  5. Find something with multiple numbers on it
  6. Find something that makes you happy to look at
  7. Find something heavier than your shoe but light enough that you can carry
  8. Find something round and smooth
  9. Find something longer than your hand but shorter than your whole arm
  10. Find something that comes in a box