W10: Wednesday Reading

LG: I can respond to a picture story book


Watch the video to hear the story “When Henry Caught Imaginitis” by Nick Bland, and to hear about your task for today

Link: Microsoft Stream


Uh oh, It looks like you have caught ‘imaginitis’ as well!

Choose an everyday object from around your home, and imagine it becoming something else entirely.

Some examples in the book were:

  • Using a bathtub as a pirate ship
  • Using a watermelon as a space helmet
  • Using a rubbish bin as a rocket
  • Using a saucepan as a hat.


Once you have chosen an everyday object, draw yourself using this object in an imaginative way. Remember to use lots of colour in your picture, and lots of imagination!

Do some writing to go with your picture, telling us what the object is and how you are using it.

If it is practical to do so, you might even take a photo of you using the object (and hopefully looking a bit silly)!

Share your work in OneNote

Extension (optional): Write a paragraph discussing how the author and illustrator Nick Bland has used colour to help convey the meaning in his book.

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