W10: Wednesday Writing

LG: I can use Auslan to communicate

Not all language is spoken or written down. Auslan is the language of the deaf community in Australia.

This form of communication uses your hands to sign out words and phrases, and can sometimes use finger spelling to spell out certain words, like names.

Today you are going to practise signing some simple sentences!


Watch this video to see some common signs that might be used in a classroom, at school, or anywhere else. Notice how the person in the video uses facial expressions and her whole body to help communicate the message.

Basic words – Auslan


Write down three sentences or questions that you want to learn to sign. For example:

  1. My name is …
  2. I don’t want to…
  3. Where are you going?

Then use the video above, as well as the link to the Auslan Signbank below, to practise signing some of your sentences or questions. You can use the finger spelling videos to learn to spell out your name, or use the dictionary to search for a specific word:

Signbank finger spelling: http://www.auslan.org.au/spell/twohanded.html

Signbank dictionary: http://www.auslan.org.au/dictionary/

Finally… make a video of you signing your sentences. You might like to say them as you sign them to make it easier.

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