W10: Thursday STEAM Fun

LG: I can make a musical instrument from household items.


To celebrate Science Week our maths will be integrated through STEAM investigation each day!

Think about the next letter in STEAM – the A is for Art. Today we are going to be using Art to help us with our experiments.

Today you are going to be making a harmonica!

The harmonica was said to be invented by a 16-year-old German boy in 1821. Since then, it has become the top-selling instrument in the world and a household item in many places. Luckily, creating beautiful noise is not just an artit is also a science! In this activity, you will design and explore your own harmonica-like instrument made from household items. Time to tune up!


  • Two icy pole sticks
  • One wide rubber band
  • One plastic drinking straw
  • Two small rubber bands
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • Piece of paper
  • A pencil

Click on the link below to learn about your experiment!


Then… Think about what other kinds of instruments could be made from household items. Have a go at making your own!


If you don’t the materials for this experiment you can do a hotmaths task, or play 5 moves to 100.

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