W10: Thursday Writing

LG: I can write a free verse poem and publish it in an artistic way.


Today you will be going on a scavenger hunt. You will be searching for words that can be used to create a free verse poem. You might find words in magazines, in newspapers, brochures, old phone books, food packaging or even old birthday cards!

First… Collect items that you can use and cut up. Don’t use the book your dad is reading or your sisters favourite picture story book! You need to look for items that are unused and people won’t miss. The recycle bin is a good place to start!

Next… Hunt for words that are interesting and could be included in a poem. Remember you will need different types of words so collect lots!

Then… Decide on the topic for your poem and arrange your words into a free verse. Once you are happy with the way they are arranged, glue them to your page and decorate the page artistically. You might want to cut out some images to go with the poem or draw/ sketch some related pictures and designs.

Here is an example of what one might look like.

Finally… Take a photo of your poem and post it to the One Note.

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