Term 2 Week 1: Reading L1

LG: I can use text features to make a prediction

For your first reading lesson this week, you are going to focus on predicting. Get one of your lined exercise books and label it “Reading” so you have it ready to record your reading responses while you are learning from home.

You can choose a book from home to use for this task, or use the text below.

Write the date and the text title e.g.  “A Tale of Two Beasts”.

Underneath the title, write your prediction. Remember to think about characters, settings, problem and resolution.

Record your prediction:

I predict this story is about….

Write down any clues that helped you to make this prediction.

The title makes me think…

I noticed in the picture…

Click on the link below to see and hear the book being read. If you are using a book from home, read it now that you have finished your prediction.

After you have finished the story, you might like to write down whether the things you predicted matched what happened in the story or not.

The Tale of Two Beasts.

If you have someone to help you, you can type in your prediction in the comments on this blog post. Don’t worry if you can’t do it today, we will have plenty of time to share our learning as we go on.

Term 2 Week 1: Writing L1 – Daily Dash

This week’s writing lessons will require students to write a Daily Dash. A Daily Dash involves students writing a short piece of writing in a set time frame. Students are also given a simple prompt to inspire their writing. The time frame for these lessons will be 15 minutes.

Learning Goal: I can write a short piece of writing from a prompt within a set time frame.

Today’s Daily Dash Topic:

            The cleverest thing I ever did was … because …

Before you start

  • Think carefully about what is important to you
  • Decide how you feel about the topic
  • Write down key words
  • Think about main ideas/paragraphs
  • Think of sentences in your mind before writing.

When you’ve finished (after the 15 minutes of writing), check

  • Paragraphs
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Use of strong verbs and adjectives
  • Does it make sense?

Term 2 Week 1: Maths L1

This lesson is to be completed in your Home Learning Maths Book (a grid book).

LG: I can solve number problems involving addition strategies and record my thinking.

For maths sessions this week we are going to focus on problem solving. When solving maths problems, it is important to make sure that you always follow the first three rules of maths… RECORD, RECORD, RECORD!

Today’s Problem:

Practise rolling the dice 6 times and put the rolls into an order that best matches with the strategies that you would use to ADD up the numbers. e.g. Doubles/ Facts to ten/ Near doubles/Known Facts.

If you don’t have your own dice at home or would like to attempt using a dice with more sides, follow this link to use an online dice roller https://www.google.com/search?q=dice+roller

If you would like a further challenge, try to do the same activity using a dice with more sides.

Once you have solved the problem in your Home Learning Maths Book, share your thinking with someone at home and discuss other possible ways to solve the problem.

After you have completed this activity, log into HotMaths to complete today’s task. If you have any questions or are unsure about any of the maths that you come across, write the question down and post it in the comments.

Hi Everyone!

Today’s lessons are ready for you in the posts below. Remember our class meeting at 9:30 every morning on Webex. During the meeting, we will go through the days lessons and I can answer any questions for you. To make sure that everyone gets a turn to share with the whole class in our meetings, each person will have a day when it is their turn to talk to the group. I will give you a topic each week so be ready to share your thoughts about the topic with the class on your day!

As well as our whole class meeting, small group conference meetings will be at 12pm each day. If you need to check the schedule for class and group WebEx meetings, you can check on the Weekly Class and Group Meetings page.

As always, if you have any questions just ask! Happy learning!