Suggested Websites

Dear parents and carers,

There are many government and trusted provider websites focusing on delivering studying at home content and resources during this time.

Many that previously involved a cost are now free. Some, you simply log on while others require an easy to locate code. Either way, as always with any online community, we advise parents and guardians to do some initial research before allowing their children access. Always take some time to check out what is provided, and what sort of student information is being requested.

Most of the links and resources listed below are viewing sites rather than community sites. They involve text, interactives and some videos. At this stage there is nothing listed requiring a camera or microphone link.

Before investigating the links below and beginning discussions with your children I recommend you read through the Australian eSafety Commission’s detailed online PowerPoint COVID-19 Global ONLINE SAFETY ADVICE for parents and carers.You can also check out their recent Open letter to Australia’s parents and carer.

The eSafety commissioner’s website also has a wide range of advice for parents and carers covering common online safety issues. As well as providing tips on how to be safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and an online safety kit for parents and carers, their eSafety Guide provides information about a range of online games, apps and social media you child may be using. This list includes how to protect your information and report inappropriate content, and is continually growing with more coming soon!

Below is a list of online sites and resources created by the 3/4 teachers at Moonee Ponds. They include curriculum based and general interest sites you may find useful, educational and entertaining during this time. We will be adding to this list as we go along so please check in regularly for any additions. Also, feel free to use the comments section below to share any useful suggestions or recommendations.

Department of Education

  • The Department of Education and Training’s Learning from Home website provides information and resources for parents and carers:

  • Fuse: (FUSE is a Victorian government site providing resources for learning and fun. Explore featured resources,  discover topics and get creative with digital tools. Also try the FUSE Learning From Home page to access self-directed learning activities and other resource collections.)


  • Numbernut:  (Numbernut offers an introduction to mathematics and its variety of topics. There is a topic based list of links on leesclassroom at

  • HOTmaths: (All 3 to 6 students at MPPS have a HOTmaths subscription. This will allow them to access tasks set by their teachers. Students and parents will also be able to log on at any time to investigate new information, online activities and questions on Victorian Curriculum maths areas.)


  • Grammaropolis (Grammaropolis offers short videos illustrating a specific role of the 8 different parts of speech through song. These entertaining videos can also be accessed through our Proof Reading and Editing Checklist page.)

  • Grammar Monster (Grammar Monster offers a comprehensive grammar glossary, list of common errors and hundreds of interactive tests. Suitable for older students and confident 3/4 writer.)

  • Vocabulary Spelling City (Vocabulary Spelling City is offering free access for the next 3 months to help students and teachers, with the code VSCFree90. It is also available as an iPad app.)

  • Trueflix

For families –

For teachers –

(On either one scroll down to the Trueflix paragraph. You’ll find a wide range of Scholastics information text that can be read online.)


  • Scienceflix

For families –

For teachers –

(On either one scroll down to the Scienceflix paragraph. You’ll find a wide science books, videos and other resources from Scholastic.)

  • Science Kids (Science Kids has a great variety of interactive science games covering subjects from living things to physical processes and everything in between.)

  • BrainPOP (BrainPOP is a great site for interactive science learning with lots of animations, movies, and short interactive quizzes. They are currently offering free BrainPOP access for schools and families impacted by school closures.)


  • Do you enjoy watching fun videos to learn how things work? Then visit Australia’s national science channel, RiAus
  • Got any science questions? Why not ‘Ask Dr Universe’
  • Are you interested to learn how to code? Then check out
  • Ever dreamt of becoming an Astronaut? Explore our solar system at NASA


  • ABC TV/Education (ABC are developing a suite of resources, tv shows etc. to support primary aged school children with learning from home)

  • Cool Australia (Cool Australia have selected some of their favourite topics and lessons that can be easily adapted to the home environment. Parents can sign up and access downloadable worksheets and teaching notes to help guide conversations in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. A cool activity to start with may be: Years 3 & 4 Outdoor Leaf Bowl – Explore the natural patterns in the backyard and create a Visual Arts project. To find out more about Cool Australia go to

  • Learning Potential (Learning Potential Resources offers literacy and numeracy activities, games and videos for parents and carers to use at home with primary school children. The site provides a range of offline and online activities with popular, everyday themes that support the Australian Curriculum.)

  • (Kids News offers free daily school-day education tasks and fun activities to help parents and children who want to learn at home during the coronavirus disruption.)

  • Melbourne Museums Online (Melbourne Museum have curated their best online content for you to enjoy from the couch!) (If you’re feeling like a star without its galaxy at the moment Scienceworks have curated their best online content for you to enjoy from the couch.) (Explore Victoria’s diversity and culture from the couch! The Immigration Museum have curated their best online content for you to enjoy from home.) (The Listies take you on a LOLtastic tour of Melbourne Museum to see shark dentists, dinosaur salesmen and the insect Oscars!)

  • Parenting Ideas (Parenting Ideas provides resources and articles to support student resilience.)