1. This week you need to complete the HotMaths task set for you.
  2. The 100-word challenge this week is from the Website;    https://100wc.net/
  3. As well as five nights of reading we would also like you to write a short response for each night in your Homework Book about your reading.

Try to use a different prompt every night

  1. a) What do you suppose the character was thinking when…
  2. b) Analyse how the character’s feelings changed in the story.
  3. c) Describe how you would feel if you encountered something like the character in your book.
  4. d) Compare two characters
  5. e) How would you have dealt with the issue that a character from your book is dealing with?
  6. Practise touch typing on your computer through the Tux typing program.

Remember to ask your parents to sign off each of the homework tasks;

in your diary write the following;

Reading 5 nights,

hotmaths tasks,

Tux typing,

Reading responses

All tasks completed – parent signature

Homework week 10 Due Friday the 5th of April

Your homework task this week is to;

1)Practice your Touch Typing through the Tuxtyping software or rapid writing five on your computer.

2) Use the link below to access Behind the News (BTN), watch the episode titled ‘The First Fleet’ and fill in the table that you have drawn in your homework book to show the different perspectives.

BTN: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/classroom/first-fleet/10529128

3) 20 minutes of reading each night (5 days), write four short response in your Homework Book (in complete sentences) about your reading. This MUST include a short summary of what you have read, followed by a variety of responses, for example;

wondering/ questioning/ predicting/ connections / inferring/

4) Complete the HotMaths task that has been set for you.