Due Friday the 28th of June

  1. Reading 5 times for at least 20 min each time.
  2. Ensure that you have a display folder for the three-way conferences at school by Friday.
  3. Maths; What shape is a fridge?
    Your task is to draw a net that when folded will make a model 3D shape which is the same as a fridge.
    Draw your net design in your homework book.

Task Reflection:

What prior knowledge did you use during this task?

What did you find tricky about this task?
What did you learn during this task?

Tell me how many faces, vertex and edges the fridge has.

Is this a prism or a pyramid? justify your answer.

5. Use the 6 words from your writing, and practice writing them. Use them in a sentence to demonstrate your understanding of them

To assist you with practising to spell them, you could;

  • make flashcards,
  • cover, write, check them,
  • find the meaning.

Ensure that you know how to write these words correctly by Friday, as you will be required to demonstrate your ability to spell the words correctly.

Homework week 9 Due Friday the 21st of June

  1. Reading 5 times for at least 20 min each time. Write a summary of what your book is about, then write 2 evaluative questions (one author and me, one on my own).
  2. Comment on 4 other blogs using the criteria discussed in class on Monday. Post a copy of your comments on your own blog as well as the person you are responding to (so that we can see).
  3. HotMath task (measurement)
  4. 100 word challenge  Whatever has happened?The prompt this week is these giant shapes.
    • Where have they come from?
    • What are they really?
    • Are they friend or foe?

Homework Due Friday 14th of June

Reading 3 nights this week. This MUST be recorded in your diary, Title, pages and time spent reading.

Your Diary MUST be signed.

Rewatch the BTN from Tuesdays Lesson.


Write a detailed explanation of what GST is based on this Clip.

What is the current  GST in Australia at the moment?

What things are exempt from GST.

Collect 2 shopping dockets. Find the difference between the total price and the GST charged.






Homework week & Due Friday the 7th of June

MATHS: This week you need to complete the following equations if you have not been assigned a Hotmaths task.

round, estimate and solve using two different strategies

2875-321=                    9087-2583=           15 009-4768=

6145- 1275=                  13 540- 2278=       98 650-84749=

(Jump strategy, Split strategy, Inverse, Vertical strategies)

WRITING: 100 Word Challenge from the website

This week we have an unusual question to answer. The Prompt is:

…why was that hat on the table?…

Things to consider:

  • Is it a special hat?
  • Were you expecting something else to be on the table?
  • Is it a problem?
  • Who does the hat belong to?

READING: Reading every night for 20 minutes and recording the title, page and the time spent reading in your diary.