Homework Week 8 Friday 30th



BTN transcript


In your homework book, use a division strategy to solve the following problems.  Check your answer by showing the inverse operation using a multiplication strategy;


Red group               Orange                             Green

36 ÷ 4                     136 ÷ 4                               1136÷4

28 ÷ 7                      328 ÷ 7                              4328÷ 7

54÷9                        540÷ 9                               87540 ÷ 9



Literature Circle read to the expected page and make sure you cover ALL the roles.


Write the sentences below in your homework book and use the rules you have learned to put the comma in the correct space.

1. We are going to eat talk and watch a movie.
2. I went to the game to laugh have fun and talk with my friend.
3. Sarah Mark and William are the hardest working students.
4. The lion tiger and zebra are my favourite animals at the zoo.
5. On Monday Tuesday and Wednesday I have to walk home.
6. All the men women and children stood on their feet.
7. The audience yelled clapped and screamed for their team.
8. We ate drank and were merry.
9. I cleaned washed and dusted my home.
10. I raked swept and hosed down my driveway.
11. She studied prepared and took notes before the test.


  • 4 nights of reading must be recorded in your diary
  • Diary must be signed

Homework due the 23rd of August, 2019.

  1. Literature circle
  2. BTN


Use the Cornell method (watch the video again to refresh your memory), take notes on the BTN you watch.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtW9IyE04OQ – Cornell’s Method Video

3. Hotmaths – record the strategy you have used in your exercise book for each question.

4. Four nights of reading – recording p. numbers, amount of time read, and the title of the book in your diary.

5. Diaries signed for the Week.


Due on Friday the 16th of August

This week’s homework is the following;

The 100-word challenge with a specific focus on the correct use of commas.

… as I turned my head, the world spun…

Things to think about:

  • What has happened to you?
  • Where are you?
  • What does it feel like?
  • What will you do?

Maths – use your preferred strategy to solve the problems below


Red Group Orange Group Green Group
23 x 4 =56 x 7 =

36 X 8 =

123 X 5 =

7 X 35 =

8 X 573 =

123 X 5 =7 X 35 =

8 X 573 =

23 X 78 =

45 X 45 =

3456 x 7 =

45 X 45 =3456 x 7 =

34.27 X 6 =

78.25 X 13

56 X 2.4 =

5.6 X 345 =

Literature Circle group ;

Changes to the literature circles expectations;


Clarifier: Record and define two words that you have clarified during your reading.

Questioner: Ask 2 evaluative questions  (Author and me and On my Own).

Connector:  Ensure that you are making a meaningful connection and justify your reason for making the connection.

Due Friday August the 9th


Literature Circle Tasks

Moonee Ponds Primary School is hosting a Science Night this month. For homework this week you are required to create a  form of invitation letter to post on your blog;

you must;

-invite the person to the event or exhibition organised.

-inform others about the function so that everyone attends it

-include the purpose of the event,

-the time (start and end),

-the place,

-special instructions (things to bring with you),

-what activities or things to expect on the night.

Remember this must be written in formal writing, you must not include contraction or pronouns (such as I), and you must use a passive voice.

You have been assigned a Hotmath task to complete.