Green Team Application

Being a leader of the Moonee Ponds Primary Green Team provides an opportunity for students to practice leadership skills that they will be able to make use of in their time in Secondary School and into their adult life. It provides a chance for students to give back to the school community that has supported them for many years, an opportunity to care for and lead younger students, and a way to make meaningful change to the way people take care of our planet, dealing with an important challenge facing our global community.

Students who wish to take up this opportunity are asked to write a brief application indicating their commitment to these aspects of the role.

Your application should be no more than 1 page long and should include the following:

  • A brief (1 sentence) introduction of you- your name, what class you are in, and anything else you might want to mention (when you arrived at MPPS/ your siblings etc.)
  • A paragraph explaining your passion and commitment to the environment. This can include any experiences you have had helping keeping places free of rubbish, taking care of animals, gardens or other natural environments, saving water or energy in your home, our school or in your community. You may also include how you feel about the environment, and how your hopes and dreams for your future include caring for the environment-try to be as specific as you can.
  • A paragraph explaining your leadership skills. Give examples of times where you have led others to achieve a goal-this can include working with your peers, adults and those younger than you, as all of these will be important. Try to describe the skills you needed, for example, empathy, communication, organisation, patience, compromise etc.
  • A paragraph explaining your excellent organisation and work habits. The Green team leaders will have lots to do and will need to spend at least 1 lunch time per week working together on improving our school’s environment. Give examples of ways you organise your life, you organise your school work as well as other times you have worked hard in an organised way.

If possible, email your application to Ant at by Monday. Email is better than paper as it helps save waste, but I will certainly accept written applications if email is hard for you in any way.

Looking forward to an amazing and green 2020,