Homework Due Friday 13th March

  1. Please make sure you read 3 nights this week, recording both the amount of time read and the pages read in your diary.
  2. ICT Agreements are due – please return ASAP
  3. Place these decimals in order. Choose which level you are able to complete independently:

Level A:       0.5      0.7     0.34     0.3      1.3

Level B:        3.24           3.42        3.26        1.35

Level C:        0.204       0.302         0.002         0.303         0.320       0.32

3.  Choose 3 interesting or new words from you reading and place in a sentence that shows you understand the meaning eg. shrieked – I saw a great, big, hairy spider and I shrieked in terror making an ear-piercing noise.

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