Thursday the 16th

Thursday 16/4  Reading  


Focus:  Comprehension Strategies                                
Goal: I can use comprehension strategies to help me understand a text.
Choose the easy, medium or challenging option. Read the text and use your comprehension skills to answers the questions. Write your answers in your Reader’s Notebook, a book you have at home, or on some scrap paper.







To find the activity in Onenote, you need to follow the link below then scroll down to the page under Thursday 16/4/20.

5/6A 5/6B 5/6C
Easy  (Web view) Easy Easy
Medium  (Web view) Medium Medium
Challenging  (Web view) Challenging Challenging


When you have finished, do some independent reading.


G Write in your book:
A comprehension strategy I used was…


Thursday 16/4 Writing


Focus:  I understand the writing process.                                         
G I can use the writing process to help me create a narrative.
A Identify where you are at in the writing process with your personal writing.

Most of you should be at the drafting and revising stages of your personal writing pieces.

It is important to set yourself a goal of what you want to achieve during this time. For example in this session I would like to complete my draft, or I will edit my piece of work. (If you do not have your Writer’s Notebook,  with you can start a new narrative. Use the prompt below).  


… although it was Saturday nothing was opened…

Things to consider:

  • Why is this strange?
  • What did you need to be opened?
  • What will you do instead?
  • How much of a problem is this?


A Use the next 30-45 mins to work on your personal writing piece. Remember it is important to follow the writing process. If you have completed all the steps between prewriting and editing get someone to give you feedback. 
G What did you achieve in this session?

Give yourself a knowledge and effort score.



In your Maths book (or another book if you do not have your Maths book) please complete the following lesson. Remember to use a ruler, red pen and pencil or blue/black pen. Date the work.

Thursday 16/4 Mathematics


Focus:  Equivalence in maths 


I can match equivalent items in maths.


Record your Knowledge and Effort scores.

This trick will impress even your maths teacher.
  • Think of a number.
  • Double it.
  • Add 10.
  • Halve it.
  • Take away you original number.
  • Is your answer 5?

Try this with a different starting number. Did you get a different result? Why does this happen?

Write the answer on a piece of paper without letting anybody see it and seal it in an envelope. Have somebody hold the envelope and at the end ask them to open it and reveal the number you wrote at the beginning. Wow, Magic!


Equivalence is a term we use in mathematics. When two things are equal they are not the same but have the same value. For example 1/2 a pizza is equal to 4 slices of a pizza that has been cut into 8 pieces.
A Open the following document – Make me balance. 

Level 1 Activity


Match the equivalent amounts

Balance me out – Level 1


Level 2 Activity


See how many of the things in section A you can match with the section B items.

Group 2 Make-Me-Balance


If you finish quickly, see if you can make your own equivalent pairs.


G  What areas were you most confident in matching? What areas did you find challenging?
Re-score your Knowledge and Effort scores.


Thursday 16/4 Physical Activity
Thursday 16/4 Afternoon Activities
Choose an activity to do from the list below:

  • jigsaw puzzle
  • Play with lego
  • Draw a picture
  • Write a letter
  • Write a journal entry
  • Clean your room
  • Cook something
  • Mindful colouring
  • Read a book
  • Make a paper plane
  • Build an obstacle course
  • Play outside
  • Go for a walk

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