Office 365 Support

Office365 Support

This term we are introducing Office365 to our students. We are teaching them to be independent with:

  • Accessing (having this website bookmarked on their computer)
  • Logging on to office365 using the two step log on process (email then user name/password)
  • Accessing their email through
  • Accessing other apps as appropriate through

We appreciate if you can help your child by doing the following:

  • Make sure your child can independently log in to Office365 and open their email account
  • Bookmark the website on your child’s device and show them how to access this
  • Save their username and passwords within the browser for quick and easy access
  • Have their log on details printed/written down close by in case they need to access it
  • Make sure your child can independently add pictures and documents to Class Notebook

The documents below show you step by step how to go through these processes:

Logging in to office365

Adding pictures and documents to OneNote class notebook