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Ciao studenti, parents and carers,

Benvenuti nel blog Italiano di MPPS! (Welcome to MPPS’s Italian blog!)

You will find your activities for Remote Learning 6.0 here. To the right of this post is a tab marked ‘Home Learning Activities By Year Level‘. You will need to click on your year level (Classe)  to access your Home Learning task for this week.

I will be opening my Webex room for each year level for you to stop by and say ‘ciao’. The timetable for Term 3 can be found below.

Check your webex class time and attend, so we can share our work, go through the week’s lesson and activities, clarify anything that you need, and have some Italian fun!


Click here to go to Nancy’s Webex room.



Should you have any questions, feel free to email:

Keep up the great work ragazzi (boys and girls)! A presto! (See you soon!)

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Hi Nancy, I had a go at the quiz and enjoyed it very much!

Ciao Edan,
You did so well during Webex too! Thanks for leaving a comment on the blog. I appreciate the feedback. I can see that you know your Italian number words so well that I can’t trick you at all! 😆 Keep up the great work!

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