Year 3/4 Term 3 Week 8 Home Learning


Posted by Nancy | Posted in Classe 3/4 | Posted on August 28, 2021

Ciao Year 3/4,

This week we are building on our knowledge of face parts and learning how to describe our faces and eyes.

Listen to Nancy reading the Instructions.

L.G. I can describe my appearance (hair and eyes) in Italian.

 First, watch the video below.

Next, create a poster of yourself and write these sentences on your poster that describe your hair and eyes. Label your picture as I have. Write the English translation too.

See my example below:


Finally, take a photo and EMAIL it to me.

In bocca al lupo! (Good luck!) 😊

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Wow Nancy this is so much fun!!
There are so many interesting and new things to do!!

Grazie! 😀 I like that it kept you interested and keen to learn.

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