Year 3/4 Wk 1 Term 4 Home Learning


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Salve Year 3/4s,

Bentornati! (Welcome back!) I hope you are all feeling refreshed and ready for another term of Italian! 😁

Listen to Nancy read the instructions below:


This week, I want to find out even more about you. I want to know more about what you like and dislike.

L.G. I can express my preferences in Italian about TV shows and films in different ways.

 First, watch the video to learn the new information.

Next, create a poster, powerpoint or even a video about your likes AND dislikes on the topic of TV programs and movies.

Use illustrations for your poster or powerpoint. Include the English translation.

If you create a video, include props to help the audience understand what’s being said.


Here’s the new information again:

Expressing preferences:

  • Mi piacciono … (I like… plural form)
  • Non mi piacciono …. I don’t like … (plural form)
  • Adoro ….. (I adore.. or really like…)
  • Amo …. ( I love…)
  • Detesto… (I hate….)


Movie and TV program genres:

  • i telegiornali – news shows
  • i giochi a premi – game shows
  • i quiz – quiz shows
  • i cartoni animati – cartoons
  • i documentari – documentaries
  • le trasmissione sportive – sporting broadcasts
  • i film d’avventura – adventure films
  • i film fantascienza – science fiction films
  • i film/programmi musicali – musical shows/films
  • i film di fantasia – fantasy films
  • i film comici – comedy films
  • i film dell’orrore – horror films
  • i reality show – reality shows


Finally, email your finished product. I am really looking forward to seeing what we may or may not 🤭have in common!


In bocca al lupo! (Good luck!)



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ciao Nancy,
i had a lot of fun making my poster about tv and the genres of tv
charlotte 3/4A

Ottimo Charlotte! 🙂 Thanks for the feedback too. I’d love to see your poster. Email it to me when you can. 🙂

The english spelling for musical is literately inside the spelling for i musicali!

Great observation Clara. There are many Italian words on this topic that remind us of English words which helps with comprehension. 🙂

Hi, i got 17/17 and Nancy i reckon you could of been more evil >:)

Ottimo, Claire! Super stella 🔯

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