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Posted by Nancy | Posted in Classe 1/2 | Posted on October 17, 2021

Ciao Year 1/2s,

Listen to Nancy read the blog post and instructions.

I have been receiving some fantastic work from you. I am so proud of your achievements and learning. Keep it up! Thanks for the feedback about the Italian lessons and activities during Home Learning. A lot of you have said how much you have liked the lessons and activities. I hope you love this week’s lesson. Let me know. I really value your feedback! 😊

This week our learning goal is:

L.G. I know the Italian names of the four seasons.

First, watch the video below.


Next, complete the activity in the video below. You do not have to write any answers down with this activity, but you will need to answer questions verbally. I will let you know in the video when it’s time to answer. It will all be clearer once you begin the video.

Then, finish the sentence below with the Italian season name at the end.

Here are the words you learnt:

  • l’inverno
  • l’estate
  • l’autunno
  • la primavera


The season that we are in now is ____________________.

Draw a picture to show the weather in this season.

Here’s my example below. The answer is wrong so be careful! 😉

I’d love to see your work and I’d love to hear if you loved the activity on the video too!




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