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Ciao Year 3/4

Listen to Nancy read the blog post and instructions:

You have done such a fabulous job with learning Italian through Home Learning! Some of the work I have been receiving from you is amazing and it shows me just how much you have learnt too!

This week we are combing the topic of describing hair and eyes as well as talking about expressing preferences on the topic of films and TV shows.

L.G. I can read and listen to information about a person in Italian and gather information about them.

You may need to revise the lesson on describing hair and eyes.

Click HERE to go over that lesson.


First, choose one of the texts below. No. 1 is a little easier than No. 2.

Next, listen to the recording and read along with me so that you improve both your pronunciation and reading skills.

Then, answer the questions about the passage. Please write the questions down and answer each question underneath. You can also type the questions and answers on a word document if you find this easier to do.

Text No. 1       Listen and read along with Nancy on the recording below:

Listen to Nancy read the questions below:

Answer these questions about this girl.

  1. What’s this girl’s name.
  2. How old is she?
  3. What colour is her hair?
  4. How does she describe the length and style of her hair?
  5. What colour are her eyes?
  6. What films does she like?
  7. What does she love?
  8. What does she really like?
  9. What does she hate?


Text No. 2  Listen and read along with Nancy on the recording below:

Listen to Nancy read the questions below:

Answer questions about this boy.

  1. What’s this boy’s name?
  2. How old is he?
  3. What colour are his eyes?
  4. What colour and length is his hair?
  5. What kind of hair does he have e.g. straight, curly, long etc.
  6. What does he really like?
  7. What does he love?
  8. What does he hate?
  9. What does he like?
  10. What does ‘A presto’ mean?


Finally, email a CLEAR picture of your work or attach your document to your email.

In bocca al lupo my wonderful Italian students! 😊



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