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Posted by Nancy | Posted in Classe 5/6 | Posted on October 17, 2021

Ciao Year 5/6s

Listen to Nancy read the blog post and instructions below:

I have been really impressed with the level of comprehension of our topics of study. This also includes the topics we covered throughout the year. Keep up the impressive work!

This week we will work on our recall skills on TV show categories, film genres and expressing preferences (Week 1’s lesson)

L.G. I can express my preferences in Italian about TV shows and films in a variety of ways.

First, revise the language that was introduced in Week 1.

Here is the link to that week’s video.

Next, Complete the one Activity below:

Create a Powerpoint quiz.

Next week, you will share this quiz with a classmate for them to complete.

  • The quiz must only be about the language you’ve learnt in Week 1 Term 4 (TV Shows, Film genres and expressing preferences) and on the topic of ‘Nazione e Nazionalita` (Countries and Nationalities). We learnt this in Term 3 and have been revising this in the past few weeks.
  • You must ensure that all the Italian words or sentences that you include in the quiz have the correct spelling and that the answers are correct too.
  • Your quiz must have 15 questions. The questions must be a mixture of multiple-choice, true or false, unjumbling sentences etc.
  • The answers should come at the end of the PowerPoint.

Then, email me your PowerPoint so that I can give you feedback before you share them next week.

Buona fortuna! (Good luck!) I hope that you enjoy creating the quiz.

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