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Ciao Year 3/4s,

Listen to Nancy read the blog post below:

This week you will draft a paragraph about your hairstyle and colour of your hair, your eye colour and your TV show and film preferences. You will use the sentences from last week’s texts about Emma to create your paragragph.

L.G. I can create a text about myself to describe my hair and eyes and to express my preferences about films and tv shows.

You may need to revise this work. Here are the two lesson links.

Click on the link below to go over language about hair and eyes.

Lesson – Hair and eye description.

Click on the link below to go over expressing preferences about TV and films

Lesson – Expressing preferences TV shows and films.


You will use teacher modelled sentences and use the words and phrases we have learnt about both topics to make up your own paragraph. Your paragraph will look something like Emma’s except yours will be about you!

First, let’s re-read the text about Emma.

Ciao! Mi chiamo Emma.

Ho venti anni.

Ho i capelli corti e lisci.

I miei capelli sono castani.

Ho gli occhi verdi.

Mi piacciono i film d’avventura e i film fantascienza.

Amo i film di fantasia.

Adoro i reality show.

Detesto i documentari.


Listen to Nancy read out the following instructions below:

Next, the Italian sentences below are the ones you will use. You will need to fill in the information about yourself. Follow what it says in the brackets. You must include the English translation. I have written the English sentence underneath the first couple of Italian sentences to show you.

You can create a PowerPoint presentation and provide an illustration/picture for each sentence.


You can create a handwritten poster and draw a picture of yourself and some of the things you’ve written about in your sentences.




  • Ciao. Mi chiamo (fill in your Name).
  • Hi. My name is  ________.
  • Ho (fill in your age in words) anni.
  • I am ___ years old.
  • Ho i capelli _(fill in your hair colour)___  e   _(fill in your hair length).
  • I miei capelli sono  (fill in a description of your hair).
  • Ho gli occhi (fill in your eye colour).
  • Mi piacciono (fill in your preferences about movies and tv shows).
  • Non mi piaccciono (fill in your preferences about movies and tv shows)._
  • Adoro __(fill in your preferences about movies and tv shows).
  • Detesto_(fill in your preferences about movies and tv shows).
  • Arrivederci!


Finally, send your PowerPoint or poster to my email address. I can’t wait to read your Italian paragraphs about you! 😊 In bocca al lupo! (Good luck!)




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why is the 5/6 tasck on the 3/4 blog?????

I think you are confused Owen. The 5/6 task is on the 5/6 page and the 3/4 task is on the 3//4 page. They have also been learning about TV shows and film genres! 🙂

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