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Ciao a tutti, (hello everyone!)

During the final few weeks of the term, our Year 5/6 Italian and performing arts classes combined to create this magical performance of Mariah Carey’s classic song “All I Want for Christmas is You/Perche Il Mio Natale Sei Tu (Because my Christmas is You)”.

Students learnt how to sing part of the song in Italian and English. They learn about the correct singing positions, the meaning behind the song and how to warm up their voices. Students discovered that Italians also love to listen to English artists and as a result, have created covers of many English songs. Students compared the lyrics of the original and the cover and noticed that although the lyrics were not identical, the message of the original song remained the same.

Thank you also to our students who accompanied our singing using their instrumental skills and talents. These included Gracie and Michaela playing the ukulele and Isabella F, Audrey and Sascha playing the violin.

Click on the link below if you are having trouble viewing the video.

Year 5/6 Art Italian Collaboration- All I Want For Christmas Is You /Perche` Il Mio Natale Sei Tu

I hope you love it as much as we loved creating it together. It was a fun and special way to end the year in both subject areas.

Special thanks to Stef and Daniel for filming and to the ESS staff for their support on the performance day.

Merry Christmas (Buon Natale),

From The Specialist team (Nancy, Stef and Christine)

Buon divertimento! (Enjoy!)

All I Want For Christmas Is You


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Year 5/6 Wk 4 Term 4 Home Learning


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Ciao Year 5/6s,

Listen to Nancy read the blog post and activity instructions:

Last week you created your own quiz and submitted it to me for feedback. I was very impressed with the range of questions and some of the multiple-choice answers. Some of you made them very entertaining. 😊

If you submitted your quiz, you would have received it back by now with feedback and considerations to think about before sharing it with a classmate to complete.

This week you will share your quiz with a classmate.

 L.G. I can express my preferences in Italian about TV shows and films in a variety of ways, and I can identify someone’s nationality, country or city name they live in and languages they speak.

First, choose a classmate to share your quiz with. Send them an email and ensure they know who it’s from. Attach the Quiz as a file to the email. Get them to share their quiz via email with you too!

If someone messages you and says that they don’t have a quiz, you can send your quiz to them as well. The idea is that everyone has a quiz to complete but obviously you cannot complete your own! 😋

(Let me know if you don’t have a quiz to complete and I will organise this for you.)

Next, complete the quiz and correct your quiz. Everyone has included the answers at the end of their PowerPoint.

I know that you will all do the right thing and not look at the answer slide/s until you have completed the quiz. 😊


Finally, provide feedback to the person about their quiz. Do this on the Italian blog.

Here is an example of what you might write:

Ciao Nancy. I really enjoyed completing your quiz. There was a good mix of questions on both topics. I got one wrong as I got confused with ‘I like’ (the singular form) and ‘I like’ (the plural form). Maybe next time you could include more questions like unjumble the Italian sentence. Grazie, Audrey. 😜

 I am looking forward to reading the feedback that you give to each other, and I am also looking forward to seeing how you went.


Email: Nunzia.Berardone@education.vic.gov.au



Year 5/6 Wk 3 T4 Home Learning


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Ciao Year 5/6s

Listen to Nancy read the blog post and instructions below:

I have been really impressed with the level of comprehension of our topics of study. This also includes the topics we covered throughout the year. Keep up the impressive work!

This week we will work on our recall skills on TV show categories, film genres and expressing preferences (Week 1’s lesson)

L.G. I can express my preferences in Italian about TV shows and films in a variety of ways.

First, revise the language that was introduced in Week 1.

Here is the link to that week’s video.

Next, Complete the one Activity below:

Create a Powerpoint quiz.

Next week, you will share this quiz with a classmate for them to complete.

  • The quiz must only be about the language you’ve learnt in Week 1 Term 4 (TV Shows, Film genres and expressing preferences) and on the topic of ‘Nazione e Nazionalita` (Countries and Nationalities). We learnt this in Term 3 and have been revising this in the past few weeks.
  • You must ensure that all the Italian words or sentences that you include in the quiz have the correct spelling and that the answers are correct too.
  • Your quiz must have 15 questions. The questions must be a mixture of multiple-choice, true or false, unjumbling sentences etc.
  • The answers should come at the end of the PowerPoint.

Then, email me your PowerPoint so that I can give you feedback before you share them next week.

Buona fortuna! (Good luck!) I hope that you enjoy creating the quiz.

Year 5/6 Wk 2 Term 4 Home Learning


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Listen to Nancy read the blog post below:

Ciao Year 5/6s.

Grazie to those who have given me feedback on past lessons and activities by either emailing me or leaving comments on the Italian blog. It has helped me plan more effectively for you. You all have said you really like learning through Kahoot quizzes so there will be more of those this term.

We have learnt so much over this past year so now it’s time to put it all together. The two texts below will include what you learnt last week as well as words and phrases that you have learnt over the last 3 terms. If you need to revise last week’s lesson, here is the video again.

L.G. I can listen to and read texts to gather information about a person.

First, choose ONE of the texts you’d like to complete. Listen to the audio files and read along with me to improve your pronunciation and reading in Italian. There are questions related to each text that you will need to answer. This is also a chance for you to reflect and assess your knowledge and comprehension.

Next, write the questions and answer them. You can type them on a word document too if you prefer. Do your best and see just how much you have learnt.



Answer these questions about Roberto.

  1. Where does Roberto come from and live?
  2. How old is Roberto?
  3. What languages does he speak?
  4. Who else lives with Roberto?
  5. How many sisters does he have?
  6. How does Roberto describe himself?
  7. What is Roberto’s favourite colour?
  8. What is Roberto’s favourite sport?
  9. What films/programs does he like?
  10. What does he hate or dislike?



Answer these questions about Julia.

  1. What nationality is Julia?
  2. What country and city does she live in?
  3. What language does she speak?
  4. How old is she?
  5. Who does she live with?
  6. What’s her sibling’s name?
  7. How does she describe herself?
  8. What’s her favourite book, colour and food?
  9. What films or programs does she like, love or hate?


Finally, email a CLEAR photo of your work or attach the document to your email.


Buona fortuna! (Good luck!)


Year 5/6 Wk 1 Term 4 Home Learning


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Ciao Year 5/6s,

Bentornati! (Welcome back!) I hope ‘le vacanze’ were relaxing.

Listen to Nancy read the instructions below:


This lesson is all about learning the language about expressing your preferences in a variety of ways. We are going to learn the words for movie and TV show genres as well as how to express what we like, prefer, dislike, and even hate.

L.G. I can express my preferences in Italian about TV shows and films in a variety of ways.

First, watch the lesson in the video below.

Next, complete the Kahoot quiz based on the new information you learnt in the video.

Join the Kahoot quiz with this URL link:



Enter the Game Pin No: 01590436


Finally, leave a comment on the Italian blog and reflect on your learning.

Reflection prompts: Choose one of the following questions.

What language can you remember automatically? Type what you do remember and tell me why this language was easier to remember and recall.

What did you notice about the Italian words for the movie and TV show genres?

What are some of the things that you noticed about the order of Italian sentences?

Year 5/6 Term 3 Week 10 🎉🥳🤗


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Ciao Year 5/6,

Urra! (Hooray!) It’s the last week of term 3. 😊 Grazie, for engaging remotely. It’s been challenging but we have survived it together! 😊

I thought I would give you something different to do this week. You will decide the topic to revise or learn about! 😊 You will need to set your own learning goal!

Listen to Nancy read the instructions:

The picture below is a screenshot of the online interactive website I’d like you to use. This website has lessons on a range of topics and interactive games related to that topic.

Step 1.  Leave this category at Beginners (see No. 1)

Step 2. Choose if you want to learn words or sentences about the topic (see No. 2)

Step 3. Choose the topic from the list. (see No. 3)


Step 4. Complete the tutorial (lesson) FIRST

Step 6. Once you have finished the tutorial, go to the games you’d like to play. You can play a variety of games on the topic. Doing this will help you to remember the language more and deepen your comprehension skills.


Below is the link to the website ‘Learn Italian’:



Finally, leave a comment on the Italian blog about your experience with the website and games. Please let me know what topic you completed as well as something that you learnt.  I value your feedback in helping me plan for better learning experiences for you!

Buon divertimento, Year 5/6! (Enjoy!)

If you need my help, email: Nunzia.Berardone@education.vic.gov.au


Year 5/6 Term 3 Week 9 Home Learning


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Ciao Year 5/6,

Listen to Nancy reading the blog post:

Firstly, thanks to all who did the Kahoot quiz last week. Many of you forgot to give me feedback on your experience with the quiz. Please do this by leaving a comment on my blog.

I was also able to see who completed the quiz and access your results as Kahoot provides me with reports. There were a couple of questions that proved to be the trickiest. One of them was this:

“If you come from Nuova Zelanda your nationality would be…”

Two answers were correct – neozelandese and maori.

I was being evil! 😊 I had ‘nuova zelandese’ as one of the options. I can see why a lot of you chose this. It is very similar to the country name (Nuova Zelanda), and if you weren’t sure about the options, you would think this to be the logical answer. This is one of those answers that you just have to ‘know’. 😃


Listen to Nancy explain this week’s activities:

This week’s lesson also reflects your feedback. Many of you said that you really liked the listening activity. So, this week we will focus again on listening and comprehension. This kind of activity will also help you develop a better ‘ear’ for the Italian language. 😊

L.G. I can listen to an Italian text and comprehend what is being said and show my comprehension by answering questions about it.

First, listen to each reading to determine what your ability level is. The sentences you will hear have words that are familiar to you. Use your prior knowledge only and do your best as you will have to answer a set of questions related to the reading.

Next, choose which text is suited to your learning needs and listen to it again.

Then,  write the recording number and level on the top of your page, copy down the questions and write your answers underneath in English. You may need to listen to the recording more than once.


Easier – Recording 1.

Questions to answer:

  1. What word do they use to say ‘hello’?
  2. What nationality is this person?
  3. Is the person a male or female? How do you know?
  4. How old are they?
  5. Where do they live?
  6. Who do they live with?
  7. What language or languages do they speak?
  8. What colour do they like?
  9. They talk about 3 other things they like, what are they?
  10. What or who is ‘Fluffy’?


Medium – Recording 2

Questions to answer:

  1. What does ‘buongiorno a tutti’ mean?
  2. What gender is this person? How do you know?
  3. They use 2 adjectives to describe themselves, what are they and what do they mean?
  4. What age are they?
  5. Where do they live and with whom?
  6. What nationality are they?
  7. What language/s do they speak?
  8. Name all of their favourite things, including all things they like.
  9. Do they have a pet? If you think they do, what animal is it, and what’s its name?


Harder Recording 3

Questions to answer:

  1. Translate the first sentence. It’s the greeting.
  2. How old is this person?
  3. This person describes themselves as what?
  4. Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl? Why or Why not?
  5. What happens in ‘Ottobre’?
  6. What’s this person’s nationality?
  7. Where do they live and with whom?
  8. What language/s do they speak?
  9. Name all the thing this person likes and favours.
  10. What do they say about pasta?

Finally, send me your questions and answers via email. Please make sure your photos are clear. You can also type your questions and answers up if that’s easier and attach the document to the email. 😊

Email: Nunzia.Berardone@education.vic.gov.au


Ottimo, Year 5/6! Keep it up!

Year 5/6 Term 3 Week 8 Home Learning


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Ciao Year 5/6,

Listen to Nancy read this out.

Grazie mille (1000 thanks) to all the students who have attended the Italian webex meetings or who have submitted work or both! 😊 After your feedback about Remote Learning 6.0, I am switching things up a little. We will do a little revision of what we have learnt so far. For this week, your task will be to complete the Kahoot Quiz.

L.G. I can understand some Italian words and sentences about countries and nationalities.  

Please use your REAL NAME and not a nickname when joining the Kahoot quiz. This will help me know who completed the quiz and how well you did.

You can join the game with the link or the Game PIN below.

Please leave a comment on  the Italian blog. I’d love to hear about your quiz experience! 😊

Kahoot Link below:

Nancy’s Kahoot Quiz – Nazione e Nazionalita`


Game PIN08137348


Buona fortuna! (Good luck!)

Year 5/6 Term 3, Week 7 Home Learning


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Ciao Year 5/6 studenti,

Listen to Nancy read the lesson/activity instructions below.

This week’s leaning focus is being able to listen to a short Italian text that has familiar language and translate it into English without the aid of a translator.

L.G. I can listen to a simple Italian passage that has familiar language and translate it into English.

 Words that you haven’t been introduced to that will be in the passages:

  • Vengo da….. / I come from…
  • Parlo …… /  I speak …….
  • Abito a ……/ I live in ……


First, choose a passage, from the list below, according to the level of difficulty you are comfortable with.

Next, listen to the passage of your choice a few times before you begin to translate.

Then, begin to translate the passage. Listen to the first sentence, pause the recording, and write what you think that sentence means. Continue translating sentence by sentence, pausing the recording whenever you need to. You have learnt that there is not always word-for-word equivalence when translating from Italian to English. Your English translation needs to make sense in English.

Do your best and see what you have learnt so far!  🙂 



Easy – A simple short passage about where Lilly comes from.


Medium – A little more detailed passage about Sara.


Harder – A more detailed passage about Angela’s background and preferences.


Finally, take a CLEAR photo of your work and send it to my email address:


Keep up the fantastic effort Year 5/6!

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