Welcome to the new year and a new class 3/4B

web-browserWelcome to the new 3/4B blog.
Having developed this site with my 5/6 students over the last couple of years my challenge for this year is to evolve this site so that it  is suitable to the needs and abilities of younger students (already I’ve adapted some of reference pages). I’ll also be looking forward to how we go about developing their involvement and ownership. I’ve already had some of my new students, who have siblings or friends in the 5/6 area, ask when are we going to start blogging or using Kahootz (another exciting project with last year’s 5/6 students, to check out their animations go to 56Broadcast Network)
While there are no plans at this stage to give the 3/4  student’s their own blogs thoughout the year they will be posting to this site. Please leave a comment after you read their entries, it’s easy to do. Go to the posting you want to respond to and click on the word comment. Scroll down until you find the “Leave a response” box. Enter your name (please avoid using your surname), email, comment, anti spam code and press “submit comment”.
All comments are sent to me via email for approval prior to appearing on the blog.
We look forward to your encouraging and constructive comments.
(For detailed lists of the benifits of blogging in the classroom go to Kathleen Morris’ reasons to blog reflection,  Anne Mirstchin’s 20 reasons why students should blog and for a student’s point of view try this link.)

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