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As we head towards the end of the year and the Christmas break I often get students coming up to me and in casual conversation asking, “Leeeee, do you like chocolate?” or “Leeeee, do you like wine?”

While I appreciate the subtlety with which they approach their assignment, I think I know what is behind the well crafted espionage.

As a teacher I neither expect nor want gifts at this time of year. That said I know some students and families want to show appreciation for a long and full year. Our first year of full time on site learning in several years!

So if you do feel so inclined I ask that you instead look towards a donation.

I’m a long time subscriber to the Save the Children and know they have many avenues to contribute over the Christmas period. The Save the Children’s Fun ways to support Save the Children this Christmas page has a  range of donation gift ideas which are aimed at creating better lives for children.

Another charity that I’ve recently started to support is the School For Life Foundation. I come across them when I was reading about the impact of the Covid pandemic on the education opportunities for children in Africa. It is estimated that between 11 million and 20 million girls will not return to school after due COVID and other factors.

All these sites often contain information about the projects they run. I feel these could provide a useful discussion starter for you and your child if you want to discuss the spirit of giving.

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