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Welcome to Lee’s Classroom.
I’m Lee Pregnell and for the last 14 years I’ve being developing blogs and wikis with my students. We started with a 5/6 team blog, moved onto a class blog then very soon all 5/6 students had their own blogs. MPPS now has classroom blogs in all year levels, separate blogs for our specialists classes and every student from grades 4 to 6.

Our student blogs have quickly evolved from places where students posted examples of their favourite pieces of writing to being in some cases fully fledged eportfolios. While initially much of this evolution was teacher driven the students soon all contributed and pushed the process with their enthusiasm, creativity and desire to experiment. Another important factor was their clear sense of ownership of the blogs and their excitement as they shared any new discoveries with each other.
For links to current and past student blogs follow the links on the right hand side bar. You’ll also find links to other MPPS class blogs.
For examples click on the following links (they all demonstrate the potential of blogs as digital portfolios):
For examples of the power of the conversations students can have through their blogs go to:
Finally check out this conversation thread between Afrah, one of my previous grade 4 students, and a 100WC mentor responding to one of her short stories:

Please leave a comment after you read the student’s entries, it’s easy to do. Go to the posting you want to respond to and click on the word comment. Scroll down until you find the “Leave a response” box. Enter your name (please avoid using your surname), email, comment, anti spam code and press “submit comment”. Alternatively try the new detailed feedback form here.

All comments are sent to me via email for approval prior to appearing on the blog.

We look forward to your encouraging and constructive comments.

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