Week 6 homework

Homework piece 1 – due by Friday 10th March

This week our viewing reflection is not from BTN. it’s actually from the National Film and Sound Archive ( http://dl.nfsa.gov.au/module/1614/) But you should still complete your reflection in the same way as you would a BTN reflection.

Make sure you have it finished before Friday as our lesson on it will be this Friday.

If you want to go further (completely voluntary!), this link will take you to a really interesting radio presentation about convict life in ‘The Rocks” in Sydney:

(click on the picture)

It has LOADS of interesting information about what life was like for early convict settlers and goes for 13 minutes. You could choose to write your reflection on this radio interview instead of the video if you’d prefer.

Homework piece 2 – due by Monday 13th March

100 word challenge – please note that the prompt will close on 11th March so if you wish to post on 100 WC site it must be done by then.  Regardless of whether you post on the 100 WC site, your response must be posted on your school blog so I can check it on Monday.

Homework piece 3 – due by Tuesday  14th March

Hotmaths tasks – individual tasks set.

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