Homework piece 1 – due by Thursday 16th March

This week there is no need to write a BTN response this week. Instead you get to play a game!

Click on the picture to open up the game- playing it will give you an idea of some of the different sorts of struggles and joys of different groups of people who lived at the goldfields in the 1850s. Try to play it more than once and using two or more characters so you get a picture of the different possibilities that may have awaited these groups.

Please make sure you play before Thursday (so tonight or tomorrow night) so you can share what you learned in our lesson on Thursday.

Homework piece 2 – due by Monday 20th March

100 word challenge – please note that the prompt will close on 18th March so if you wish to post on 100 WC site it must be done by then.  Regardless of whether you post on the 100 WC site, your response must be posted on your school blog so I can check it on Monday.

Homework piece 3 – due by Monday 20th March

Hotmaths tasks – individual tasks set.

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