History Lesson #3


Learning Goal: I can use an analogy to understand the experience of migrants to colonial Australia.

APK: Turn and talk with a partner; discussing the game you played for homework.

New Information:

What is an ANALOGY?
Using a comparison of something familiar to help you understand aspects of something unfamiliar (brainstorm some examples like riding a bike).

Look at thinking skills document that is in your books and go through the steps of an analogy.

Step 1: define the migrant experience.
Step 2: pick a topic to use that is familiar to most of us and has many important similarities (eg: moving house, moving school).

Application: Read through these primary and secondary resources and take notes looking especially for ways that the experience was like moving home or school..









Step 3: Identify the different ways that the migrant experience is like moving home/school- make these headings on your table.

Use the table to describe the ways in which the migrant experience was like moving house or school

Goal reflection:

Step 4: For people migrating to Australia it would have been like…  use the information from their table to write a paragraph in their books.

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