DATA Lesson 6: Two-way Tables


Group 1 & 2:

·         Conduct a survey
Design and conduct your own survey which needs a two-way table to show the results. Present your findings and conclusion in a report.

Some suggestions are:

·         Gender (male or female) and left or right handed

·         The year or class someone is in and whether they play sport on the weekend

·         Gender and favourite season of the year (spring, summer, autumn or winter)

·         Teacher or students and whether they prefer bananas or apples (They must select either a banana or an apple.)

·         Age in years and favourite type of movie (from a set list such as comedy, cartoon, drama, science fiction)

Group 3

Side-by-side column graphs

You can display data from two-way tables in a side-by-side column graph.

The table and graph below compare the numbers of boys and girls choosing particular sports.

Sport Boys Girls
Cricket 9 4
Tennis 3 3
Cycling 1 3
Athletics 2 5



Watch this video: Turning 2 way tables into comparison graphs-!/media/1477653/
Then conduct survey and create 2 way table AND comparison column graph OR tally results of 20 double coin tosses (so results could be HH, TT or HT)- create a 2 way table and comparison column graph by using their own results compared to a partner’s results.

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