Homework – Week 7



Please don’t forget that you are expected to put a link in your post to the BTN article you have written about.  You are also expected to detail 3 facts, 2 understandings and 1 question – colour coding or using subheadings to show each one.

Click here for this weeks BTN


Two-way tables

Reading Log:

Don’t forget to fill this out each night and bring it on Monday.

100 word challenge:

Please set yourself a goal, and write it at the start of your entry. This is one way you can keep improving with every piece of writing you do. You may find looking at the comments others have made on your past work will help you find ways to improve on the next.

The 100wc site is back up, so please aim to do this part of your homework early in the week so you can post it on the 100wc site as well as your blog.

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